Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY- Home made Banana & Honey face pack

Hey friends!!

In this post I am sharing DIY- Home made Banana & Honey face pack. It is a very easy & effective face pack, all you need 1 banana & 1 tsp honey. This pack helps in moisturizing and hydrating skin cells, Getting rid of dark spots and blemishes, lightens skins and eliminating pimples.

Step: 1

In a bowl take a banana & mash it as much possible.

Step: 2

Now add 1 tsp of honey in mashed banana & mix well.

Step: 3

With the help of brush or fingers apply it on face & neck evenly.

Step: 4

Leave it on for 25- 30 mins. After that gently rinse and wash your face & neck with water.

* Please do share your experience with this face pack.

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