Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Ways To Avoid Looking Greasy This Summer

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Summers haven’t yet started yet and the problems have started for people like me. On one hand, I have oily skin on other hand summers can make it look more oily. Have you ever noticed, a person with oily skin standing in Sun looks like oily poori or parantha (Deep fried bread). LOL.. Sweat and oily make me say “eeewwww”. Sometimes it pretends to be so oily that you can actually store it. So here are 5 ways to avoid looking greasy this summer.


Use of wet swipes: I know we can’t stop oil secretion but just can’t roam with oily face, right? Best way is to use wet wipes. Wipes not only remove oil but also hydrate the skin leaving it refreshed. This summer I am going to use Etiquette wet wipes, reason is last summer I used them with lemon fragrance. Apart from lemon fragrance, wipes are available in four fragrances aloevera, cucumber, icy mint and misty dew.

Use a good mattifying powder: It is a very necessary to use a good mattifying powder in summer, powder not only controls oil but also give a fragrance to hide sweat or body odour.

Change your foundation: I have noticed that after applying foundation, my skin turns more oily. Finally, I avoid using heavy foundation in summer as I have naturally oily skin and summer and foundation with combined effects tends to make it more oily. This much oil! Oh my gosh! not ok, that’s why in summers I change my heavy foundation by a tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

Use oil regulation cleanser: No matter what your skin type is (dry, oily, normal or combination) replace your normal face wash with oil controlling face wash in summers. This would definitely gonna help you in avoiding the greasy look this summer.

Exfoliation on weekends: During whole working days, our skin gets exposed to dust, pollution etc. One more important factor our skin is exposed to, is oil. So do exfoliate your skin on weekends, I recommend apricot scrub for exfoliation and controlling oil.

You can also use oil bloating paper in place of wet wipes.


  1. Such small yet important things to do... great tips! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog & reading post dear.

  3. Very good tips in summer..
    Along with this tips I have some more to add like face pack with lemon juice and Cucumbers, this tips worked very well for me by the suggestion of online doctor at when I have oil skin..
    Thank you for sharing this insights...

    1. Thanks Arpitha.. I liked your tip too..