Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY- Give A New Look To Your Old Hair Clips Or Pins

Hey divas!!
Do you have some old hair pins or clips?
Are you planning to throw them?

Then please stop I have a very easy deasy DIY for you. This DIY will give a new life to your old clips or pins. With the help of this you can also make your boring black clips or pins to colorful clips or pins like rainbow.  

What you will need:

*Any hair pins or clips you have around.
* Nail polish, any colour of your choice.

Let’s see how an old hair clip aunty became a chic.

                                                                                               This is my old hair clip.

                                    I painted it red. I put two coats of color on it. After drying it, clip look like this.

Finally I coated it with glittery nail polish. Voila! see the result aunty has became a chic. Lol...

I also tried this on hair pins but these are simple.

I hope yo all like it. Please leave a comment below with your inputs and experience with this DIY.


  1. Very Nice and easy idea Anjali..loved it..Will surely try.. :)

  2. Great way to revive the old ones...

  3. Great ideia

  4. Thats amazing and well thought of :)

  5. I will do that. I have few and I am bored of them. This will bring some sparkle and color. :)

    1. Sometimes these kinds of activities are fun :) You have your own designed product..

  6. Hair clip aunty :D this is indeed a fab trick!!

  7. Thats really interesting!
    Super :)