Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Know Your Hair Type

Hey friends!

Hair is very essential element in one's life and if you are a girl then that value increases tenfold. Hair is either short or long has to be taken care of. There are lot of products in market like hair sprey, shampoo, hair serum, hair oil, hair colour etc. but before using them we should know our hair type. The products should be bought considering own hair's nature, texture, problem and requirement.

Straight Hair: Is known for its mirror-like shine coz they have glossy appearance. This hair type has little volume and doesn't hold hairstyles for long as in my case. It is also resistant to curling and usually requires the use of chemicals for this to be done permanently.

Straight hair is further classified as:

1a: It is stick-straight in nature.
1b: It is straight but has a slight body wave adding some volume.
1c: It is straight with body wave and one or two visible S-waves.

Wavy Hair: It can possess similar characteristics to straight hair or curly hair. On one hand it has s-shaped curls down its length or much of the hair can appear straight with slight bends towards the ends of the hair. on the other hand wavy hair can frizz fairly easily and requires care to achieve perfect waves. Wavy hair can be fine, medium-textured or thick and coarse.

Wavy hair is further classified as:

2a: It looses with stretched S-waves throughout.
2b: It is shorter with more distinct S-waves.
2c: It has distinct S-waves, some spiral curling.

Curly Hair: Person having curly hair can have big loose curls appearing like maggy or tight curls appearing like miniature spring. Curly hair can be fine, medium-textured or thick and coarse.

Curly hair is further classified as:

3a: It has big, loose spiral curls.
3b: It has bouncy ringlets.
3c: It has tight corkscrews.

4a: It has tightly coiled S-curls.
4b: It has Z-patterned. (tightly coiled.)

Note: 4a & 4b hair types also known as Kinky-Curly hair.

So what is your Hair type?


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  3. I have wavy hair (3 a).. What is your hair type Anjali?