Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Acne or Pimple Diary

Hello Friends!!

You all must have seen commercial of Garnier in which Alia Bhatt says “ we youngsters have exam problem, pimple problem blah blah blah....” So true but as a teenager acne or pimple problem is more serious than exam problem (for we girls surely it is.).. Everything was fine with my skin till I turned fifteen, I remember I was in 10 class and slowly slowly small pimples began to pop up on my cheeks. I don’t know how these acnes or pimples manage to leave their marks every time.. I hate you (pimples or acnes) from bottom of my heart.

                                                       I remember one of my classmate used to say pimple jahan dimple wahan.. Oye pimple toh hai but dimple kahan hai?? And I always like grrrrrrrrrrr (Go to hell)... Having pimples always embarrassed me. I used to think why me?? For what god is punishing me? I know at times I become very filmy. With pimples one more thing came free in my life “Suggestion” Safi piyo theek ho jayega, neem ki patti kha lo theek ho jayege blah blah blah.. These suggestions made me to try out everything which claim to end up acnes or pimples. I remember those horrible inedible tonics, homeopathic medicines, ointments, face wash, home remedies, face packs etc. With the passage of time intensity of acnes reduced gradually but I still have to face them.
                                                     So I decided to start my acne diary, where I will be sharing home remedies, will review acne related products and  introduce new product in the market.

Please share your experience & suggestions too.

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