Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My college day's beauty products list

Hey lovelies!!

Today was the reunion day for my college’s friends. After meeting them, it felt like I had reminiscent in past college days, riding in a time machine. I remember, talking without any sense, laughing out heart, bunking college, our pajama parties, borrowing accessory, jewellry from each other.
                                          Today after our get together, it felt everything, everyone was same. Only thing which differed was our weight, which can’t be dealt with ( Ab iska kuch nahi ho sakta ;) . Even with constraint of money in those days, we were fond of looking beautiful, trying new dresses etc. Pension was the term, I used to call for pocket money, which I received from my parents, and as usual it was always deficient. So I thought to share the line of beauty products which I used in those days.


Kajal: Lakme

Lipstick: Elle- 18 ( Had few shades only.)

Nail paint: Elle- 18

Foundation: Lakme

Body Lotion: Vaseline- Aloe fresh

Sunscreen lotion: Lakme

Face wash: Himalaya neem face wash

Astringent: Ayur skin toner


Lip balm: Vaseline or Himalaya or Nivea

Body Lotion: Parachute or Himalaya

Cold Cream: Ponds.

You way find lots of things missing here because in college days my makeup knowledge was not good and to be frank in college days itna hi bahut tha.

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