Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser Review

Hello friends!!!

A beautiful long hair is dream of every girl. And trust me each one of us is vying every day, just to have लबे काले घने बाल!! Which are better than our counter parts. True naa!!

To prove this theory right , of having लबे काले घने बाल we include expensive shampoos in our everyday hair care routine & ended up using harsh chemicals in the form of shampoos & hair mask.

I as a person don’t like applying too much chemicals neither on my skin nor on my hair. Instead I love to use natural products which are made up of herbal things. These natural products do not give immediate effects like chemical shampoos available is market but definitely you will see a remarkable change or improvement with time .You will have to wait for at least 15 days to see the result of these natural products.

I prefer to use natural/ herbal products because of 2 reasons:

1. It is made up of natural things (jadi butti etc)
2. It does not leave any side effect.

I love natural products (natural does not mean that these products do not contain chemicals rather they do have chemicals but in very mild form & have more natural products contents, which actually make these products less harsh in nature unlike the chemical ones!!) & this thinking of mine made me to use Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair Cleanser.

My opinion about this Product: It comes in a white opaque bottle.The color of cleanser is black because it contains Reetha & it is very thick is texture. It does not give nice smell .When you use it first time it will not give that instant shine & volume but its continuous use at least for 2 weeks ,will definitely make you fall in love with your hairs. Moreover its continuous use will not harm you /your hairs in any way.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser comes in many different forms like Reetha, Milk Protein etc. You can use any of these variants depending upon the type of hairs you have. I use Reetha form because I have dry hairs.

You will get this shampoo 100 ml @ Rs 85/- in any Patanjali store .These days it’s very easy to find a Patanjali store than finding a Parchooni ki Dukaan , just joking !!. But it’s true that, in today’s era Patanjali Store Products are in high demand therefore it’s easily available at every corner of city. Moreover you can buy this from any famous medical in your nearby area as they love to keep those products which are in high demand.

Composition: Each 10ml contains extract of Reetha (25 mg).

Base material: Aqua, surfactant base, vitamin E, sunflower oil, Diazolidinyl urea & IPBC.

Sugandhit Dravya: Q.S.


1. useful in dryness & roughness of hair.
2. Prevents hair fall & improves hair shine.

1. Natural composition
2. Contains Reetha which makes your hair black, long & voluminous.
3. Vitamin E that makes your hair shiny.
4. Sunflower oil that strengthen your hair.
5. Easy availability.


1. Waiting time is long to see its results.
2. No fruity smell.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.3/5 ♥♥

Author: Bhawna Singh


  1. Hey dear! beautifully reviewed.. loved the way you wrote it. My opinion is also same about this product :)