Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Hairstyles For Greasy Or Dirty Hair

Hello Beauties!!!

People like me, who have oily hair find hard to flaunt their locks every time. On the day of washing, the hair remain beautiful and flaunty, second day they are just ok but third day it is impossible to keep them open. They become very greasy, that’s why on second day I have to braid them or make a pony tail and it’s very boring. I still don’t understand how can some people spend their life in this boring hairstyle (especially my colleague aunties.. he he he..).

                                                So one of the option you have is that you can wash them on alternate days, so fine you will do it but wait.. What about the harmful chemicals you are exposing your hair to (example in shampoo& conditioner) and I assure that it is not really great for your hair. So the other option is we can create such a hairstyle that is eye stunning and everybody can’t take their eyes off it. I know that in India, the different hairstyle creation is confined to teenagers only.

But trend changes within fraction of time (right?). One day my colleague asked me that after so much work, how can I can change my hairstyles everyday! I was like “ Oh my god, it’s not rocket science dear ( of course that wasn’t my word from mouth but my mind was saying that... he he he). So when this is not a rocket science then why not create such hairstyle which can be used on greasy or dirty hair.

1. Side Braid Bun


2. Beaded Headband Hairstyle 


3. The Double Braid


4. Easy Twisty Bun


5. Double Braids Crown

6. Twisted Ponytail Bun 


7. Loop Ponytail


8. The Twisted Trios


9. Scarf Hair Wrap


10. Braided Upside Down Bun


  1. Love the buns Anjali, and loveee the scarf wrap! Going to try it one of these days! Badhiya :-)
    Sharing it!

  2. Thanks Archana, Don't forget to click pictures & do share them ;)