Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 Must have Beauty Tricks For This Summer

Hello Ladies!!!

From many days the season is playing hide and seek with us. Somewhere rain, somewhere hailstone still summers is showing it’s effects. Summers come with lots of problem like dehydration, Sun tan/ burn, skin problems and hair problems blah blah. But there are some tricks with the help of which you can make your life much easier this summers.


1. If you want frizz- free hair then, wrap your hair in the cotton shirt to absorb the moisture from your hair.

2. Replace your heavy foundation with BB cream like Ponds or Garnier.

3. Freeze mint or aloe vera juice (diluted one) in ice cube tray. After every visit from outside apply it on your face for cooling and refreshing effect.

4. Always carry a silk scarf for a quick and stylish hair do.

5. Do apply Heena/ Mehandi in your hair twice in a month.

6. Apply Fuller Earth and lemon juice face pack regularly.

7. Do not forget to apply Sunscreen lotion before stepping out.

8. Exfoliate your chapped lips with lemon and honey scrub.

9. For cracked dry feet apply any foot cream & wear cotton socks overnight & see the result.

10. Do invest in a good quality deodorant.

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