Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 Hairstyles To Beat The Heat This Summer

Hello Lovelies!!!

Looks so wonderful when people complements you after seeing your hair that “ your hair are so long”, “your hair are so beautiful”’, “your hair are so healthy”. The heart becomes fulfilled with joy. Who doesn't want long hair? The same complements make me also happy. At times I praise my hair myself (yes, I am self obsessed. he he he..) but my view differs on arrival of summer. The feeling which comes after seeing my hair is ‘No’ and sometimes I literally think of chopping them off. These destructive thoughts just stop at this thought that it took too long for them to grow.

                                       May be you also feel the same but there is a price to pay for every good thing. The longer the hair you have, the more pains you need to take. That’s why I have thought, why not to share such hairstyle, which can help you to beat the heat and keep the look stylish too.

1. Sock Bun

2. Faux Fish Tail Pony

3. Fish Tail Braid

4. Twisted Side Ponytail

5. Romantic Crown


  1. Nice..yes useful for summers. Would be nice if you share the steps to get these hairstyles :-)

  2. Thanks Shilpi.. Soon I will be doing tutorial too.