Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bridal Kit Checklist: 50 Things Every Indian Bride Needs

Hello Lovelies!!!

My bestie ‘Kavita’ who was married in our home town. I attended her marriage ceremony, ate to full all the varied dishes, danced and came back in midnight. Early morning, I had a call from Kavita and I thought what happened that she had to call me up so early when she should be in her In-law’s home. That call was a real shocked to me. I answered her phone and she asked me to bring a make-up remover as she forgot to put it in her make-up vanity. I told her, I don’t have it but she insisted me to buy and bring it to her.
                                     A whole lot of questions arised in mind that time about why she is asking me to buy, why not somebody else. Then I self-realised that may be she doesn't want to ask some stranger there as hesitation will be there. So I started my journey towards cosmetic shop and to increase my problems manifolds. Shopkeeper asked me same question, “Which one to give?” I thought “why are you taking my test uncle?”. As in those days, I didn’t have much idea about make-up. I replied him in unknowing manner “please give me anyone”. He handed over to me. Similarly I handed over to my friend and finally her problem was solved. Happy ending.. Yaaay!!!
                                          This incidence inspired me for making checklist that every bride should have in Bridal kit so that whenever needed, she doesn't have to call her friend but just look her vanity only.


1. Foundation                                             2. Compact

3. Concealer                                               4. Eye shadow kit

5. Eyeliner                                                  6. Kajal or Kohl

7. Mascara                                                 8. Lipstick (Red is a must)

9. Lip balm                                                10. Lip gloss

11. Lip liner                                               12. Safety pins

13. Hair pins                                             14. Nail polish (atleast white & transparent for French tips)

15. Nail polish remover                            16. Sindoor

17. Bindi                                                   18. Blush ( atleast Pink, Red, Peach)

19. Small mirror                                        20. Body lotion

21. Cotton balls/ Swabs                            22. Elastics/ Rubber bands

23. Wet wipes                                          24. Scissors

25. Spare flat                                           26. Fevi quick

27. Make-up remover                             28. Band Aid

29. Sanitary pads/ Tampons                    30. Perfumes or deodorants

31. Face wash                                          32. Scrub

33. Mini sewing kit                                 34. Tooth paste & brush

35. Breath mints                                     36. Tweezers

37. Hand sanitizer                                  38. ENO

39. Aspirin                                             40. Hand cream

41. Foot cream                                      42. Sunscreen (Summers)/ Cold cream (Winters)

43. Hair oil                                            44. Hair spray

45. Comb/ brush                                   46. Eye brow pencil

47. Calamine lotion                               48. Soap/ Body wash

49. Shampoo                                       50. Conditioner


  1. oh wow.... why didn't I know you when I was getting married? :-)

    1. He He He... What to say? Thanks for reading post :)

  2. Thats an exhaustive list..thanks for sharing :)

  3. A perfect list. only one thing missing handkerchief hehehe