Saturday, April 25, 2015

Daily Routine For Oily Or Pimples Prone Skin

Hello Friends!!!

Getting pimples in teenage time is a common problem. They were even worse in my case. Even today when I remember of those days, I have goose bumps. Eeww people used to call me from different names. There was always a sense of struggle within me, people were always giving you suggestions and you are bound to follow them (Am I sounding dramatic?). One more advice they use to give me was that the pimples will go after 20-21 years of age. But trust me not a word is true about disappearing of pimples. I am still struggling with them and this years of struggle has taught me how to cope with them and at least how to control them. I am not going to share the science behind all this but just a simple routine I follow and hope it will help you also.


1. Cleansing: It is very essential for the oily skin ones to keep their face clean. So do wash it regularly in intervals. First thing after getting up from bed and before going to sleep do wash your face properly with cleanser. Now a days lot of face washes are available in market for oily skin. (Do check my earlier post on face wash for oily skin). On more thing is that whenever you return from out please always wash your face. Say a big no to soap for washing your face.

2. Never share your towel: Never ever share your towel or use a damp towel.

3. Toner: Always use a good toner twice a day for maintaining a balanced ph. To be honest I’m using Ayur skin toner for years now.

4. Dandruff treatment: Dandruff in hair is also another probable reason for pimples/acnes. So if you have dandruff then its treatment is essential. Lots of anti-dandruff shampoos are available in market. Fortunately I don’t have dandruff problem so I’m not using any of those shampoos. But my partner is using Head and shoulders and finds it very effective in treating dandruff problem.

5. Exfoliation: Twice a week exfoliate your skin with an effective scrub. Now a days lot of scrubs with variety like walnut and apricot scrub are available. You can read my earlier post on Himalaya neem apricot scrub. But my personal favorite is Kilmora Apricot scrub. It’s not famous like other brands but far more effective.

6. Face pack: Twice in a week I use a Face pack for treatment of acnes and pimples. A huge range of face packs are available in market, out of them I use Himalaya’s Neem face pack (do read my review on it) and No Marks face pack. They both are awesome.

7. Kanti Lep: Kanti lep is also a face pack but it doesn’t target only pimples, but also helps in other skin problems. So I use it on weekends. This helps in reducing spotting, pigmentation. This is a must in your Vanity. (Do read my article on it).

8. Oil free cosmetics: Whatever product you use either it is a lotion or Sunscreen but always remember to use an oil free product as I feel we have lots of it. He he he . Avoid sunscreens like No marks (Do read my review on it).

9. Oil Absorbent/ wet wipes: Girls should never forget to carry oil absorbing wet wipes in your bags while going to school, colleges or offices as it may be difficult to wash your face there for removing oil from face.

10. Body soap: If you have back acne then do not forget to have Medimix (check out my review on it) soap in your bath room.

11. Night cream: May be it’s not a must but I am using it regularly and personally like it. It helps in controlling pimples. These days I’m using Himalaya night cream.


  1. Very helpful post. Definitely try to stick on it.

    1. Thanks! Do tell me your experience with this routine.