Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earrings According To Face Shape

Hello Ladies!!!

How beautiful clothes you wear, how beautiful make up you do, but without right accessories everything is a waste. Can you imagine a bride without necklace, waist chain, bangles, maang teeka, nose ring, earring etc. Can you? And if we talk of these accessories, then the most wrongly picked ones are earrings. We simply choose on the basis of matching dress or it can be because of beautiful looking earrings. We don’t pay attention to the point that we should pick our earrings according to our face type. So here are my suggestions of earrings according to the different face types.


Square shape:

Women with square shape face must be a little extra careful while choosing earrings. Earrings that have round and angular edge will look very pretty on you. Hoops, multi-tiered and drop earrings will also good for you looks. But never pick overly long and box shaped earring for yourself.

Round shape:

If you have round face Drop model earrings work extremely well. Earrings having long, lean lines will give a longer look to your face. Hoops, studs and large round studs are not meant for this face shape and must not be include in your wardrobe.

Oval shape:

If you have oval shaped face, then consider yourself lucky. As oval face has proportioned and well balanced facial features. You can have different types of earrings in your wardrobe. However hoops will look best on your face. So keep collecting ;)

Heart shape:

People with Heart shaped face have wider cheekbones and a narrow jaw, so they should choose earrings with a wider bottom such as tear drops and pointed triangular shaped . Pyramid and heart shaped style earrings will look fantastic on you. Oval shaped studs are not meant for you, so say big “NO” to them.


  1. A lovely and helpful article. I have an oval face, so I would buy more hoops from now on :)

    1. Thanks Purba. Do not forget to share your new collection of earring ;)

  2. face shape definitely affects the choices of earrings......thanks for the post anjali...

    1. Thanks to you dear for spending time on my blog.. Love to see you again :)