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Everything You Want To Know About Threading

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I still remember that day when I had my first session. At that time I was in third year of college (I was B. Pharma student at that time). Yes you read it right I was in third year (I know it was too It was a horrible experience, felt like 50 bees stung together. That day I made up my mind that I will never have threading again. But you know a girl is not a girl if she gets afraid of threading (he he he). That’s why I thought why not to discuss with you everything you want to know about threading.

What is threading? 

It's basically getting a bit of twisty thread like this.. and moving your fingers so that the twisty bits move from side to side, removing any hair that is caught under it. See how the fingers are open? They close in a pinchy motion, that moves the twisty thread down, the fingers on the other hand then do the same and the process is repeated until the hair is removed.

You usually sit in a barber's chair and tilt your head back. The threader will usually thread the stray hairs away and then ask you to stretch eye area. All you need to do is put one hand on your eyelid and one above the brow and er..stretch. If your fingers are too close to the brow, the threader tell you how to move them so she/he can get to the hair.

When any stray hairs are left, the thread is put down and the tweezers come out. If the threader spends longer using a tweezer than thread, then I'd bring that up. 

Can you thread any part of your body?

A lot of people get their upper lips threaded. This hurts like hell but still bearable. I wouldn't suggest going to get your legs threaded as not only will you age about 40 years whilst waiting for it to be done, there are also quicker methods to remove leg hair. In conclusion, eyebrows and upper lip (at a push) are fine, use something else for the rest of your body. 

Does it hurt?

You're getting hair pulled out by the root, of course it will cause you some discomfort. If you constantly feel the hair being yanked out by the root, the chances are that they're not properly trained. When I get my brows threaded, all I feel is a slight sting, never the hair yank. If you feel the thread on your skin, it will hurt a lot less. The closer the thread is to your skin, the better.

What sort of aftercare is needed?

In India traditionally astringent or cream is used in parlor but I tend to slather on some aloe vera gel. The good thing about this one is that once I've slathered it on, it dries and vanishes itself...which is a good thing because I forget that I have it on.

I recently used aloe vera spray. You can just spray this on and it will cool and calm the area down. However, you need to cover your eyes as it will cover your face. I find it easier to spray it onto my finger and then smooth my brows down with the finger.

The good thing about the spray is that it will take you an absolute age to finish it, although it is a bit fiddly compared to the gel.

You can shower etc.. as normal afterwards without suffering from any side effects.

Why do you need aftercare?

Sometimes the area can go red. I only get redness when I haven't had them threaded for a while as the thread takes out more hair, thus there's more room for irritation. I know that people with a lighter skintone can get this and that's why you need something to calm the area down.

Also, you don't want to be scratching and itching away at something when it's sensitive as you risk drawing blood and that's not sexy.

I used to get tiny spots after being threaded and I found that the aloe vera gel not only soothes the area but it also prevents me getting any spots the day after.

If you're always getting whiteheads after being threaded then it could be that the thread being used doesn't agree with you. I had whiteheads for a few months and then they vanished. When I asked the lady who threads mine, she told me that she'd tried a new thread and was back to the old one..

Does the hair grow back?

Yes. It's not like laser where something gets shocked into never coming's similar to waxing in that respect. You remove the root but the hair grows back. "Something gets shocked"..sheesh, you'd never think I'd actually had something lasered.

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