Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finding Mr. Perfect Or So Called Mr. Perfect

Every girl dreams about Mr. Perfect. It’s very easy to spot Mr. Perfect in the movies or books. Remember our old Bollywood movies where a prince charming with good built, comes on a horse and take the princess away. There are struggles to be sure. There may be moments when Mr. Perfect seems long gone, but if the movie or book is one of those happily-ever-after stories, him and her will end up realizing their love and committing themselves to each other for life. 


We all go through this time when we doubt if there is a Mr. Perfect for us. Remember those thin & dumb boys at school aren’t nearly as cute, or smart, or kind as the heroes in movies, but sometimes that doesn’t seem to matter very much because we’re not necessarily Snow White or Cinderella.

Those restless nights, when we may dream about our future, our career, our Mr. Perfect (main focus in teenager days), our wedding day etc. But in day light these dreams vanish away. There is vast difference between dreams & reality. We don’t think about Mr. Perfect at school, college or work place.

I am a big fan of Korean movies, a movie called He was cool made me fall in love with characters (no need to tell hero mainly). It’s not only me, I know every girl will fall in love with that boy. After seeing him everything becomes pink pink. No doubt we all want to experience those giddy feelings and that flutter of butterflies in our stomachs …

So then comes the day when a guy proposes you or in our country mostly selected by our parents as life partner. You find him average looking, boring, sometimes he is no where around your Mr. Perfect. He’s not someone you can really imagine spending your life with, but he’s not that bad and he likes you or may be your parents wants him to be your life partner. You don’t want to say no to your parents or may be to that guy so you say “yes”. And so those hopes that you had when you were drifting off to sleep are forgotten. Mr. Perfect is just a fantasy and you live for the here and now. Journey of finding Mr. Perfect is complete here.

With the passage of time you start feeling that the person with you is your Mr. Perfect, I know he may be not perfect in looks, you may not like his habits (throwing shoes here & there, he focus more on television than you, will completely ignore you while watching match but do not forget he is working 9- 10 hours in a day for you, he cares for you, he misses you when you are not at home.

You it is better to say “My Mr. Imperfect is My Mr. Perfect”.. LOL.. Who kehte hai na sapno ke rajkumar sirf sapno mein milte hain.


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  2. Aww! You remimded me my teenager's days. Lovely!