Friday, April 10, 2015

Know your skin type

 Hello Friends!!!

Yesterday I received an E.mail of school going teenager, she wrote me that why do I write only about oily skin, not the other skin types also? So I decided to focus on other skin types too. But first I thought, that I should educate about different skin types. Once you know your skin type, you will be able to follow skin routine, care or treatment according to it.


1. Wash your face: First of all wash your face well with cleanser and then pat it with a towel. Do avoid using soap for washing face because of it’s harmful effects on skin.

2. Perform tissue paper test: After washing your face wait for 1-2 hours (meanwhile do not use any kind of cosmetic on your face). In this period, the skin will come back to it’s original or natural state. Now dab your face with a tissue.

3. Result (Know your skin type)

a. Oily skin: If you see oil on tissue, it means you have oily skin. Oily skin is characterized by shiny face, enlarged pores. People with oily skin suffer from open pores, more prone to blackheads, acnes and comedones. They also suffer from early pigmentation. I also fall in same category and I always ask god, why me?

b. Dry skin:
If you see flakes or dead skin on tissue, it means you have dry skin. One more way to find the same is that after skin wash your skin becomes stretchy, dry. People with dry skin have small or invisible pores, less elasticity, red patches and more invisible lines.

c. Normal skin: If you don’t see any oil or flakes or dead skin, it means you have normal skin. If you have normal skin, put your hands up and say “yay”. People with normal skin are very lucky as they have almost no imperfection, no sensitivity, no pimples or acnes problems.

d. Combination skin: If you skin feels flacky and taut on cheeks but oily on T zone i.e forehead, nose and chin then you have combination skin. People with this type have characteristics of all the above three skin types i.e they have overly dilated pores, blackheads and shiny face.

So what is your skin type?

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