Friday, April 24, 2015

Krack Heel Repair Cream Review

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My mother went to a marriage ceremony in a village (some of my relatives live in a village). There somebody applied Alta on her feet (alta or mahawar is a red liquid which is applied in traditional Indian marriages). When she returned her feet had deep cracks in it, so say truth they were terrible. So I bought Krack Heel Repair Cream for her. After a month of use I am reviewing it.

Product claims: Krack happy feet with HEALING POWER OF 7 HERBS, repairs and relieves dry skin disorders such as rough and cracked heels, chapped hands, fissures and chilblains.


Price: 55 Rs

Wt: 25 gm

Online availability: Snapdeal, E.bay, Amazon and Flipkart.

Directions for Use: Wash and clean the affected area (preferably with warm water, wipe it dry. Scrape the dead skin with a scraper, then apply 2-3 times in a day. Spread gently. Allow 15 minutes to dry after application. Bandaging may be done where required.

Packaging: This cream comes inside a tube packaged inside a rectangular box. The carton is yellow in colour, which contains various details like price, shelf life, manufacturer details and directions of use etc. Like carton, tube is also of yellow colour which has white colour screw cap.

My opinion about this Product: The cream is of similar colour as on carton. This is squeeze as you go tube. It has a medicated smell. The cream is non-oily and non- sticky in nature. This cream doesn’t stain clothing as it absorbs very quickly in skin. For best result after application, wear cotton socks on your feet.

You will see result within a week. This isn’t magic wound that you wave it and cracks will disappear. You have to sincerely apply it and I promise it does justice to it words

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.7 /5 ♥♥

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