Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nufeel Facial Spray For Women Review

Hello Friends!!!

You all must have seen the new Nufeel spray advertisement. The facial spray is for both. We desperately need these kinds of spray in summers, so what I bought it and here is my complete review and analysis about it.

Product Claims: Nufeel facial spray cleanses moisturizes and refreshes the skin in a completely new way. It increases the skin’s hydration and soothes the skin.

Price: 140 Rs

Wt: 60 ml

Shelf life: 18 months.

Online availability: It is available in various stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebat, Purplle, Thestore, zotezo.

Direction of use: Just spray it 4-5 times on the face and wipe off with a cotton or cloth.

Packaging: The packaging is very girlish. It is completely pinkish in color. The spray bottle comes in a rectangular box. In front you can see name of the product and is back you can find various information like price, ingredients, directions of use etc. Now we talk about spray bottle which is 6 inches color bottle. It has a pink color cap with white color nozzle.

My opinion about this Product: Company has launched this facial spray for both sexes. They have given traditional color i.e blue for men and pink foe women. More or less, it has same work of facial wipes but I find it more effective in comparison. This is a very light weight making it very handy cosmetic to be in ladies bag. Boys will find it difficult to carry as they usually do not carry bag.

Whenever I travel out, I feel like my skin has sweat, dirt and grease (which is very common in summers). I just apply 5-6 sprays after closing my eyes and then wipe it out. As the company claims, that it refreshes your face is a fair claim. To just apply and wipe it out is very easy task. It also easy on sensitivity to my skin. But one thing to remember is that don’t use it while wearing heavy makeup. The thing that differentiate it from wipes is that it brings the dirt and grease out of skin without rubbing. One thing I don't like is, spaying on my face but this is completely my problem not product's.

What I like about this product….

1. Takes off grease and dirt.
2. Refreshes up the skin.
3. Travel friendly skin.
4. Does not dry out the skin.
5. Easily available.
6. Innovative product.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Pretty expensive for what it does.
2. Some may find using wipes or absorbent more convenient than it.
3. Any how you need to carry cotton balls or wipe or cloth for using it.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 3.4/5 ♥♥                    


  1. Interesting product. I'd like to give it a shot :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

    1. Hey Archana do not forget to share your experience about this product :)

    2. It's a magical spray ......😄 hmmmm feel fresh

    3. So Nidhi is a satisfied customer of this brand.. Good :)