Friday, April 3, 2015

Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit

Hello Cuties!!!

Whenever my younger brother watches me struggling with nail art tools, he argues with me on point that I should buy a nail art stamping kit. I used to always nod my head in yes, that I will buy it but never bought it, reason.. Hmmm... may be I never knew its effectiveness. One day postman banged my door, standing with a parcel with my name on it. First thought that came in my mind was, may be it is from my publisher but I was wrong. It was from a seller from Hong Kong. My eyes glittered when I opened it, as the content was Salon Express  nail stamping kit. Yes, yes, yes it was ordered by my cutie pie brother from E.bay.

It was difficult to use it in the beginning but now I am able to use it like a pro.

Product claims:

                                               Decorate Your Nails Like a Professional.
                    Instantly Stamp 5 Pre-Designed Images to your Nails, you can choose what you like.
                                                           Easy to use, fun and neat.
                                                   Great for Manicures and Pedicures.
                                                            Use with any Nail polish.

Price: 345 Rs ( My brother bought it for 5$)

Package Includes:

1 x Nail design stamper

1 x Nail polish scraper

1 x Image plate holder

5 x pre-designed image plate

1 x Manual

How to use:

1. Apply a base coat of polish to your nails and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Select a Design Plate and place it in the plate holder.

3. Apply polish to the design of your choice. For  better result use nail polish with a thick consistency.

4. Use scraper to remove excess polish from the Design Plate.

5. Press the stamp onto the selected image to pick up the pattern. The Stamp has two sides. Depending on the size of your chosen design, use either the small stamp or the large stamp.

6. Working quickly, transfer the design onto your fingernail by gently pressing the stamp onto one side of your nail and using a single rolling motion to apply the design.

Clean up:

After use, clean the stamper, scraper and images plates with nail polish remover.