Thursday, May 14, 2015

Do’s & Don’ts Of Lipstick Application

Hello Cuties!!!

Applying lipstick isn’t great work but applying it rightly is. It is not as easy as it looks. I notice women and their lipstick choices (you may find in weir but as a beauty blogger we are bound to do that). Lots of woman uses darker lip liner than their lipstick shade. A lot of them apply brown color lip liner with red lipstick. I don’t know why?

Some just apply specific shades after observing other women irrespective that those colors will suit them or not. So I decided to share do’s and don’ts for application of lipstick. These small steps can help you in preventing embarrassment at different scenario.

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1. Know what shade is right for you always choose a lipstick color which best compliments your complexion.

2. Always choose a right texture if you have thin lips. Go with glossy lipstick.

3. Use matte lipstick if you have broad or thick lips.

4. Apply translucent powder or foundation before applying lipstick, if you want your lipstick to stay longer.

5. Do exfoliate your lips if they are dry or chapped. For this I usually apply Vaseline on my lips, you can also apply any other non-tinted balm. Allow it to sit for 2 minutes. Now scrub your lips with a clean towel or tissue.

6. Try to match up your lipstick with your outfits.


1. Use matte lipsticks on dry and flaky lips, which can dry out your lips further.

2. Overdo the lip liner.

3 Apply matte colors on thin lips as they highlight the thin lips more and make them look dull. 

4. Use gloss on thick lips. 

5. Wear lip liner that is darker than your lipstick. This is general mistake which lot of Indian women do.

6. Clash eye shadow and lips.