Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grandmother’s Homemade Hair Straightening Pack

Hello beauties!!!

These days long and straight hair is in trend. There was a time when girls preferred to have colored & wavy hair. Remember Kareena Kapoor Khan in her earlier days of career, one of my friend Vandana also colored her hair same like Kareena. But know a days black and straight hair is in.

Few lucky people have straight hair rest have to achieve them artificially. So you can get straight hair with the help of rebounding, hair straitening in parlour or spa but is very expensive as well as later on it’s effects are horrible. You can also straighten your home with the help of straightener but for that you need to apply heavy amount heat protectant which in turn will damage your hair on long term use. 

So I decided to share my grandmother’s Home made Hair Straightening Pack Recipe. She used to apply it on my hair when I was a kid but as I grew up things changed but I still have a straight hair. Lots of time people do ask me “have I straightened them “.

What You will need:

Multani mitti (Fuller's earth): 1 cup
Rice flour: 5 tsp
Egg white: 1


1. In a bowl make a loose paste of all the three ingredients. Add water to make the paste.

2. Before applying this, do give a light oil massage on hair. You can also oil your hair on a night before washing your hair.

3. First with the help of a wide toothed comb, comb your hair down and then apply this pack.

4. Again combing few times in between pack is fine. Keep the hair as straight as possible by combing.

5. Leave it for 30- 35 minutes then rinse it off.

6. Apply this homemade hair straightening pack once in a week for about few months.

* One thing I would like to share my grandmother used to wash her hair with buttermilk. She always used to say her black hair is due to the use of buttermilk. I am not sure how correct she was but yes she had long, black & shiny hair.


  1. Your grand mother is right, they are a mine of info, never underestimate.

  2. Do you other recipes with no egg in it? :D Please do share :) btw the buttermilk wala tip definitely looking forward to try

    1. I will soon share remedy with out egg.. Thanks for writing..

  3. It is absolutely right. My personal experience, my grand maa used to wash my hair with buttermilk during my childhood. My hairs were so silky.

    1. He he he.. Thanks Kriti for confirming my doubt about..

  4. wowo.. a home pack for straightening!! superb.. but dear how do i comb my hair multiple times in-between as i know multani mitti dries up pretty fast and combing would mean breakage then..??