Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Henna- Amla Hair Pack To Color Grey Hair Black Naturally

Bonjour Amis!!!

I was in 9th standard when my first hair turned grey. There are lot of factors which contribute to premature greying of hair like stress and pollution etc. So started applying heena or mehandi to cover my grey color but that in turn made my hair orange in color which I was not liking at all (grrrr). 

But one day I heard about Henna- Amla hair pack. I don’t remember who told me about it but what I remember is that till date I am following same idea that person told me. This pack not only turns grey colored hair black but also helps in preventing remaining hair from turning grey. Yes this method is bit messy (eewwww) but s very effective and safe method of coloring hair.

What you will need:

Henna- 2 tsp
Gooseberry or Amla powder- 2 tsp
Coffee- 1 tsp


1. In an iron skillet or kadai take all the three ingredients.

2. Add some water to make thick paste. After the paste is ready add some more water but don't mix it, this water will prevent the paste from getting dry.

3. Cover the skillet with the help of a lid in and keep it in a cool place. Let the paste sit for 1 day or at least overnight.

4. Now mix well all the ingredients, we have to make a smooth & lump free paste so add more water if needed.

5. Take a small lock from the top of your head and cover it with this paste.

6. Take another lock nearby and repeat the process with it. Repeat same process to cover complete hair.

7. At the end, you should have a bun on top. Cover it with a shower cap.

8. Leave it for 1- 2 hours. Rinse it off with normal water.

9. Once your hair dries apply some olive oil to it. Next day wash your hair with shampoo.

10. Repeat this once in a month.

1. Always wear gloves to avoid coloring of your hands.

2. Always wear clothe which you can afford dispose off.

3. Do not apply shampoo. I know it is bit messy to take out henna without henna but we have to do it for effective result. 


  1. Yes it works, one of my cousin also use this hair pack & it is really effective :)

    1. Thanks Neetu for sharing experience of your cousin :)

  2. If you want to blacken your hair naturally take amla shikakai and reetha put it into iron kadhai before a night n then wash your hair with its water . Do it either daily or atleast twice in a week. Definitely it will giv you positive results

  3. Thanks for the tips anjali.. I know it's bit messy, my mother is applying henna since many years..

  4. Thanks for the tips anjali.. I know it's bit messy, my mother is applying henna since many years..

    1. Thanks Vasudha for stopping by on my blog :)