Thursday, May 21, 2015

Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream Review

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If we talk about budget products then we can’t ignore Himalaya product range. You can be a school going girl or a college going girl but Himalaya products always come in budget. You will find a lot of products in my vanity just because of the same reason. The same kind of product is Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream which I am using now a days. Here is my complete review about it.

Product claims: A deep penetrating, daily-use night cream that moisturizes and nourishes skin all night.

Action: Nourishes the skin all night with vitalizers, nutrients and adequate moisturizers. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream is a deep penetrating daily use herbal formulation that nourishes your facial skin with vitalizers, nutrients and moisturizers. It is enriched with Tomato, an antioxidant and a rich source of Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that nourish the skin. Apple and White Lily help in cooling and soothing the skin, and Wheatgerm (Natural Vitamin E) protects and moisturizes the skin.

Ingredients: Each gram contains: Exts {Mahanimbu(Citrus grandis),Nimbaka(Citrus Limon), Tamatar(Solanum lycopersicum)} 30mg.Seva(Pyrus malus)30mg,Godhuma(Triticum sativum)20mg,Ksirakakoli(Lilum polyphyllum) 20mg.

Inactives: Phenoxyethanol, Methyparaben, propylparaben

Price: 110 Rs

Wt: 25 gm

Shelf life: 35 months or 3 years approx .

Online availability: Amazon, Shopclues, E.bay, Flipkart, Purplle, Himalayastore, Nykaa etc.

Direction for use: Apply on cleansed face and neck each night, when skin is most receptive for repair and renewal. On waking, your skin is soothed, soft and revitalized.

Packaging: This cream comes in two types of packaging, first is a carton box which is square in shape. For a change this box is white and purple in color otherwise their all products carry a trademark green white in color. Carton is very simple and cute in appearance. You can see Himalaya’s logo on the top.

 On unboxing the carton you will find two things, one is green colored leaflet or manual and other is a tub or jar. This tub or jar is of white and green in color, oh my here comes the traditional trademark color of Himalaya. Few information is listed at the bottom of the jar or tub and rest information is at the carton.

My opinion about Product: When I opened the jar or tub which has a green color screw cap, I found that it has a silver color covering on it to avoid spillage of cream. You have to take out this silver covering to use the cream, which is white in color. On touching the cream it felts like you are touching muslin cloth. It needs to be applied in very less quantity and gets easily absorbed in skin.

No matter what skin type you have, it will suit you well and moisturize the skin perfectly. This cream neither claims to reduce your pimples or acne nor pigmentation on face so if you have these expectations with your night cream then don’t go for it. One thing which is guaranteed, the softness of your face. When you will get up early in the morning you will touch your face again and again (irresistible.. ha ha ha). It will make your face super smooth and soft, which you will definitely love ♥♥, like me.

What I like about this product….

1. Makes skin soft and supple.
2. Easily available in local as well as online markets.
3. Suitable for all skin types.
4. Easily blends and gets absorbed into the skin.
5. Travel friendly packaging.
6. Nourishes the skin overnight.
7. Has a pleasant fragrance

What I do not like about this product….

1. Contains parabens.
2. Unhygienic tub packaging.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.7/5 ♥♥

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