Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to Create Minimal Make Up Look Or Get Ready For College/Office/Selfie Ready In Five minutes

Hello Cutie Pies!!!

First of all thanks a lot for giving so much love to my post “Let me take a selfie”. After this post I received request from my readers and order from my friends (he he he) to do a post on creating a minimal make up look as I did in that post. To be honest I haven’t done anything much in that look but would like to share if you guys say. One more thing I would like to share is I took those pics as well as the new ones with normal mobile camera, so there is no special effects.. ha ha ha.. So finally I decided to do a post on How to Create Minimal Make Up Look Or Get Ready For College/ Office/ Selfie Ready In Five Minutes.

* Terms & conditions: This five minutes does not includes choosing & wearing dress. As we girls can take 1 minutes to hours for doing the same as per our mood. LOL..


Use a cleanser: Initial step is to cleanse your face with a good cleanser/face wash. Remember always use a cleanser/face wash according to your skin type. As if you have dry skin, then try to avoid the cleanser or face wash which can drag out the moisture from your skin.

Moisten up your face: If you have oily skin then you can avoid this step but if you have dry or combination skin then this step is must. I have oily skin but still I do this step. Take a good moisturizing cream, I use Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer.

* Coop or pump a dollop of moisturizer into the palm of your hand. It should be only a small dollop, about the size of a pea.
* Rub your palms together, warming up the moisturizer and spreading it between your palms.
* Start with your cheeks and then spread the moisturizer gently to your forehead and nose and lastly the chin.

Apply BB cream: Second step is to apply a BB cream. I use Pond’s BB cream instead of heavy foundation, you can use according to your suitability. Best thing about BB creams is that they help in hiding face spots without giving heave look to face. As I do not like to carry heavy make up in daily routine as well as using them is super easy.

* Dot on BB Cream or CC Cream on face and neck.
* Blend it well till you reach closer to your natural complexion. Use a pea size amount since too much will give an artificial effect to your skin.
* Allow it to settle down.

Apply Eyeliner & Kajal: You can use Eyeliner & kajal separately but I only use Lakme Eyeconic Kajal to apply in upper as well as lower eyelids.

* Start from the inner corners of your eyelids to the outside. Draw it out the line a little more than where your eyelid ends.
* Apply kajal also in the same way i.e from the inner corners to the end. Do make sure to join ends of eyeliner as well as kajal.

Apply Lipstick or lip balm: Finally apply a lipstick or lip balm to give some pigmentation to your lips. Do use pinkish or reddish lipstick or lip balm to give natural look. But here I haven’t used any lipstick or lip balm, all I used it is Vaseline..

So here you are with minimal make up look and now it’s time to say Let me take a selfie”.


  1. Thanks for completing my request :) Now I will also say "Let me take a selfie"

    1. He he he.. Pleasure is all mine dear :)

  2. Ahem! Ahem! Somebody is looking very beautiful :)

  3. U r looking flawless. Thanx for the tute :)

  4. I will try BB cream. Any recommendation apart from Pond's?

    1. Saru apart from Pond's BB cream you can also go for:

      1. Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm
      2. Garnier All in one Miracle Perfector BB Cream
      3. Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream
      4. L’oreal Paris True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream
      5. Maybelline Clear Glow Shine Free BB Stick

    2. Thanks, and I just read your latest post on BB cream. I will keep these brands in mind.

  5. You are looking lovely, Anjali...and that too in a five minute makeup do...amazing!