Thursday, July 9, 2015

How To Do Baby Face Or Neutral Look Makeup

Hello Ladies!!!

This is not a hidden truth that I am a big fan of Korean movies. As a kid, I always wondered how these Korean artists who were 30-25 years of age could easily play roles of school going kids. Now I know that it is because of baby face makeup which is very popular in Korean and Japanese countries. Baby face makeup is also known as neutral look makeup.

Baby face makeup signifies that with the use of makeup, how people can look much younger than their actual age. Irrespective of the countries i.e if you are Korean, Chinese, American or Indian, everyone likes to look younger than the actual age. That is why I am sharing How to do a baby face makeup or neutral make up step by step.

                                                                             Name: Kellykonomi
                                                                             Age: 24 years (Does she really looks like 24???)

Step 01-Start with a clean & moisturized face . Dot on your favourite BB Cream or CC Cream on face and neck. I would recommend a light & moisturizing formula so that it will not look too heavy & obvious that your wearing base makeup. Blend it out evenly starting from center to outer face. Apply more base on problems areas if needed. While doing baby face makeup, we try to achieve dewy, but matte look.
Step 02- Apply concealer on dark circles & any other skin problems.

* Pat gently with ring finger to increase adhesion & blending of the product to the eye area.
* Dot onto problem area & gently pat to blend the product - Set with light powder.

Step 03- Use a mascara wand for brushing the eyebrows to give them a natural look.

Step 04- Now apply a natural eye shadow like natural shimmery pink shade over your lid.

Step 05- Take a matte brown eye shadow using an angled brush or sponge applicator, fill in your outer half of your lower lash line in a slight curved shape. Blend it out any harsh lines. This frames your eyes naturally & makes them appear naturally bigger too.

Step 06- Curl your lashes & apply a light coat of mascara to make your eyes bigger & brighter.

Step 07- Now use a tinted balm with pinkish tint to give a natural baby like look to your lips. I would recommend to use Maybelline watermelon lip balm for perfect pinkish lips.


  1. Nice, informative post Anjali. And I really couldn't believe that this girl is 24 years old until I read the entire post :)

    1. Oh yes Purba! This is the specialty of baby look makeup ;)