Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Drape a Saree in Maharashtrian Style

Hello Cuties!!!

First of all thanks a ton for liking my first post on sari draping. These day's we girl's usually were western clothes so when it comes about wearing a sari, it is not less than going on a war for us.. ha ha ha.. I decided to a post on another style of draping sari. So that next time you guys can get ready in new avtar and surprise the rest of the world ♥♥. Let's learn How to drape a Sari In Maharashtrian Style.

1. Tying the knot: In place of petticoat, you can wear tight slacks. Tuck the plain end of the sari and continue tucking till you take a complete turn from right to left. Tie a knot to secure the pleats.

2. Taking the Pallu (Anchal) : The pallu or the anchal which is the decorative end part of the sari is taken on the left shoulder, wrap it and bring it on the right shoulder.

3. Making pleats: Start making pleats from the rest of the sari. Hold the pleats together firmly at the top and wrap them into a bolster (a banana shaped structure where all the folds are firmly tucked in) using the initial layer. The video clearly explains this step

4. Making a Kachha (Dhoti): Leave the folds or pleats in the front. Take the center most pleat in between the legs to the backside, make small border sized pleats and tuck it at the waist.

5. Tying a konchha from the front: The portion of the sari near the feet is folded in a layer for tucking into the waist so that the beautiful border is seen in the front.

                                                                Image Source: Google Images


  1. Ha ha..war :D Walking in the saari is still a nightmare for . Lovely post :)

  2. I am a huge fan of Sarees, but i think the way North Indians wear it looks pretty elegant.

    Good post though.