Monday, August 3, 2015

Let’s Make Fishtail Braid With Me Step By Step: Tutorial

Hello Cuties!!!

After my post  "Super Easy & Stylish Side Bun Hairstyle Step By Step Tutorial" (Click Here to read), my friends asked me to do some more tutorials on easy hairstyles. If you guys give me  a wish and I don't fulfill it, not possible at all. In this post I am sharing tutorial of Fishtail Braid. This hairstyle looks bit difficult but in reality it, isn't. Before I start my tutorial, I would like to mention my hair are jet black, so it is bit difficult to see each and every section clearly in pictures. These sections looks more clear in case of blonde. But this doesn't mean  that I won't try it (He he he. This is our house, this is our rules and we can't stop). Let's start mission Fishtail Braid with me (Lol).

You will need:

1. A hair brush
2. Two clear elastics 
3. Scissors


1. Brush through your hair to get all the tangles out and make it soft and smooth.

2. Pull your hair in side into a ponytail as I have done. Use a clear elastic to make your ponytail which you can snip away with scissors at the end.

3. Divide the ponytail into two equal-sized ponytails.

4. Now with the help of your fingers separate a small section of your hair from the outer edge near the elastic.

5. Cross it over opposite side. Don’t twist the hair as you bring it across. Re-grip your hair to tighten plait, still holding two sections. Repeat with a small section from the other side.

 6. Continue overlapping pieces from both sides of your ponytail in the same manner.

7. Always try to grab equal size hair section from each side. If you are not able to take small sections then go for bigger sections but they should be of equal size.

8. Once you have finished braiding secure the fishtail with a second elastic.

9. With the help of scissors cut out the elastic used in the beginning.

10. Finally tug your braid gently with the help of your fingers to loosen it so that it may look more volumised.

* Remember: If you want braid at the back then pull your hair back into a ponytail.


  1. Nicely explained. Thanks for sharing

  2. OMG! Your hair is so black and shiny Anjali. Loved the tutorial and this weekend I will try this hairstyle :)

    1. Thanks Neetu and do tell me how was the outcome of this tutorial :)

  3. whoaa.... I love it Anjali... am going to try this out.... Mom used to tie it for me when I was in school ;-)

    1. Thanks Archana and I would love to see you in Fishtail braid :)

    2. Yep sure! My hair is pretty long for a nice braid now 😉

  4. This is lovely, Anjali. I love fish tail braid. It looks super cool. Thanks for this tutorial :)

    1. Thanks for your wonderful appreciation Purba :)

  5. Great tutorial !! N lovely hair.