Thursday, August 20, 2015

Monsoon/ Rain Inspired Nail Art Step By Step: Tutorial (Without any nail art tools)

Hello Cuties!!

First of all zillions of thanks for giving so much love to my Indian Flag Inspired Nail Art Tutorial (If you have missed it, then click Here to read). These days I am in my hometown (Agra) and enjoying life with my parents. Me and my mom do ultimate fun whenever we are together especially when it rains, we chat, sip uncountable cups of tea and enjoy most beautiful gift of the nature. Yes I am talking about rain ♥♥ . So this time I decided to do a Monsoon/ Rain Inspired Nail Art on my nails and sharing it’s tutorial so that you can also create this cool & easy nail art on your beautiful nails.

You will need:

1. Nail paints:
a. Blue, Black and Pink
b. Transparent coat
2. Scotch tape
3. Scissors
4. Tooth pick


1. First of all apply a full coat of nail paint on your nails. Here I have used Golden shade, you can use any light shade according to your wish. Paint them evenly across the nails. Once dried, apply another coat of nail paint.

2. Once the paint has fully dried, take a tooth pick and make three dots with the help of upper and broader part of it. The dots should be connected and overlapped, it will give shape of a cloud (Isn’t it beautiful). Here I have used two colors for drawing clouds first is dark blue and second is black.

3. Once you are done with the clouds, draw small drops of water with the help of pointed part of tooth pick.

4. You can see three sets of clouds on my nails but you can draw any numbers of clouds depending upon you nails.

5. Apply same process for rest of the nails except your middle finger.

6. I haven’t drawn any clouds on my middle finger as I will be drawing an umbrella on it.

7. Now take strip of scotch tape and put it vertically. Apply the pink nail paint vertically on the nail. Once the pink nail paint dries remove the strip.

8. Now with the help of tooth pick or pin give it a shape of an umbrella as in the pictures. Allow it to dry.

9. Finally apply coat of transparent nail paint to give a final touch.

Ta da da! You are all set to flaunt your stylish and super cool nails this monsoon.


  1. Hi Anjali! Must say when it comes about nail art you are just awesome.. Definitely try it on Sunday :)

  2. that's a beautiful design :) Loved the golden color too.

  3. I wil try I do hav a similar golden nail paint :)

    New Video is up -
    Red Suitcase

    1. I will wait to see your experience with this nail art :)

  4. This is very creative and lovely.I Love this monsoon design :)

  5. This is very cool and creative, Anjali. I loved the design. Will surely try it :)

    1. Thanks a ton :) Do not forget share pics :)

  6. beautiful nail art Anjali... love it...

    1. Thanks Archana.. Glad that you liked it :)

  7. Nice Inspirations

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  8. Loved the nail art Anjali..will surely try.. :)

  9. Once you are done with the clouds, draw small drops of water with the help of pointed part of tooth umbrella