Friday, August 7, 2015

Selected As Top 15 Review Bloggers In India

Hi guys!!!

I know you can’t see me at this moment but I am pretty sure that you can imagine a big smile on my face while writing this post. Yes my blog has been selected as Top 15 Review Blogs In India (Put your hands up and say “Yay”). I started blogging early this month of February with passion of writing about beauty products, fashion, hair care, diy etc. But never expected that my work will be appreciated so soon. “Wow! Hard work pays”.

                                                                                       Early morning as the Sun rises,
                                                                                       It blows me kisses and I blush even more,
                                                                                       I felt the sun solely smiles at me,
                                                                                       For this I know and I am pretty sure.

I would really honour my title and would thank a ton to baggout for such appraisal. I would love if you can check the article published by baggout on their website. Click Here to read complete article.

I would also love to give zillions of thanks and love to my readers as well as my blogger friends who regularly read and appreciate my posts. I hope even in near future you would support and appreciate me.

Grosses bises ♥♥


  1. Congratulations on your achievement! Way to go!

  2. This is a great achievement! Congrats, girl :)

  3. Very happy for your achievement. Congrats dear :)

  4. YaY (smiles). Many look like a celebrity (already) in the picture :)

    1. Blush! blush! Thanks for your generous words Alok :)

  5. Wowwwww congrats Anjali. U really deserve it :*

  6. OMG i am so happy for you girl..great achievement way to go.. XOXO