Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cow Print Nail Art Step By Step: Tutorial (No Nail Art Tools)

Hey Cuties!!!

I am an animal lover, so I was thinking to give a tribute to these wonderful animals all around us. After thinking a lot I thought to do some nail arts dedicated to these pretty animals. And I chose daisy cow to start with.

If you are thinking why I chose daisy cow, then I would like to say that in our childhood, my brother used to play video game and in that game some daisy cows used to do “Moo” in regular interval of time.

We used to find it so funny and entertaining that we also used to repeat the same sound with daisy cows and laugh our stomach out. Now I am sharing this nail art with you.

You will need:

1. Base coat (optional but recommended to prevent staining)
2. White opaque nail paint
3. Black nail paint
4. Pink nail paint
5. Top coat (optional but recommended to prevent chipping)
6. Tooth pick & scotch tape


1. First of all apply a full coat of base coat. This step can be skipped but I always recommend to go for it. As a base coat prevents staining of your nails.

2. When base coat has fully dried, apply a full coat of white nail paint on your nails. Paint them evenly across the nails. Once dried, apply another coat of nail paint.

3. When the white nail paint has completely dried, take strip of scotch tape and put it vertically. Apply the pink nail paint vertically on the nail.

4. Once the pink nail paint dries remove the strip.

5. Now dip a tooth pick in Black nail paint and dot some eyes.

6. After eyes, its time to work on nostrils of daisy cow with the help of Black nail paint.

7. Now with the help of same tooth pick make some black splotches or spots around the face as in the picture.

8. Finally apply top coat to prevent chipping.

So you are done with this nail art and now it’s time to say “Moo” “Moo”.

I am in love with this nail art as with this I can show my love towards cows. They are so cute & sweet in nature. No doubt some aunts give me a strange look after seeing this but I never mind. Lol..


  1. “Moo” “Moo”.. It's awesome di :)

  2. It's super cute & easy nail art dear :)

  3. So cute.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  4. This is too cute.. I am sure to try it some time. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. This is so cute, Anjali. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. So sweety!!!!


  7. Sooo cute cow nail art! You're so talented :)

  8. Cute and easy nailart. Thanks for sharing Anjali :)