Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nisha Color Sure (Natural Black-01) Hair Color Review

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!!!

In this post I am going to review Nisha Hair Color. I don’t use hair color, so I had to search for my model to whom I can try this hair color. So ladies & gentlemen let me introduce my model. Ta! da! He is none other than my dad (I love you Papa.).

Product claims: This hair color offers maximum coverage and comes with a no-ammonia formula. You need not worry about any side effects as it is safe to use on your hair. Besides this, it offers a great shine to your hair and is long lasting. Get natural looking hair with this exclusive color from Nisha Color Sure and flaunt a vibrant, youthful look.


Price: 35 Rs

Wt: 40 gm

Shades available: Natural black, Burgundy, Copper red, Choco brown, Light black, Light brown & Natural brown.

Online availability: Amazon, Flipkart, E.bay, Zotezo, etc.

Directions for use: 

* Mix the Nisha crème & developer in a plastic or glass bowl.
* Carefully apply the mixture or prepared paste on washed and dried hair with a clean brush.
* Wait 30 minutes after applying mixture on your hair.
* After 30 minutes rinse thoroughly with water. 

Before applying Nisha colour sure: You need to wash your hair with shampoo. After washed your hair wait until they dry completely. Now in Nisha colour sure pack you will find two sachets (crème and Developer), temporary hand gloves, and brush.

Packaging: The hair color comes in a carton box, which includes a sachet of crème, a sachet of developer, a brush, a set of gloves and an operation manual. You need to go through manual properly before coloring hair.

My opinion about product: Various shades of this hair color are available in the market. Out of which the one I am reviewing is Natural black (shade no:01). Like any other hair color in the market you need to mix crème and developer properly. Always use a plastic bowl for mixture.

As you can notice in the picture, my father had a hair cut just before applying the hair color. You can also see that the hair cut has also exposed his white hair. I applied this color evenly on each and every strand with the help of brush provided in the kit. To tell you the truth the smell coming out of the hair color was unbearable (So people with sensitive nose please stay away from it).

After complete coverage, my father allowed it for 30 minutes. After that he shampooed his hair and the result was natural black hair. But the staying power of this hair color is low.

Overall the product is decent, but can’t be compared with leading brand like Garnier, L’oreal etc. As the company is providing the product in the peanuts price. The product is much better in it’s price segment industry. 

Safety Instruction: 

* Follow the instruction leaflet inside pack.
* Rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them.
* Wear suitable gloves during using this product.
* Do not use if you have already experienced an allergic reaction.
* Do not forget to do patch test if using it first time.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 3.1/5 ♥♥     

* PR sample but honest review.


  1. I was wondering, how you convinced dad to be part of this post..

    1. It was very easy Aman.. I asked him once & he said yes :)

  2. Nice review on the product Anjali :) and wow! you made your dad as a model, this is awesome :):):)

  3. Nothing like family members participating in blogging. :)
    Great review done.

  4. Replies
    1. It's a new product in the market Nisha :)

  5. Wow nice review Anjali and your Dad is super cute to be your model.. :)

    1. My father is cutest dad in whole world :)

  6. Wonderful to see your Dad being the model for your product review. Nice and honest review, Anjali :)