Thursday, September 10, 2015

Romantic Date Inspired Nail Art Step By Step: Tutorial (No Nail Art Tools)

Hello Dolls!!!

If you are going on a romantic date ♥♥  either with your husband, your boyfriend or your fiancé, the excitement level remains the same. Every girl wants to look best on that date. So I thought to work on a nail art which is romantic as well as cute at the same time.

As usual, I have tried to my nail art as simple as possible, which can be done without the help of any nail art tool. So here is my step by step tutorial of Romantic Date (Heart shaped) Inspired Nail Art.

You will need:

1. Base coat (optional but recommended to prevent staining)
2. Yellow nail paint
3. Pink nail paint
4. Golden nail paint
5. Top coat (optional but recommended to prevent chipping)
6. A scotch tape and scissors


1. First of all apply a full coat of base coat. This step can be skipped but I always recommend to go for it. As a base coat prevents staining of your nails.

2. Now apply a full coat of Golden color nail paint on your thumb, middle and baby/pinky fingers.

3. After that apply a full coat of Yellow color nail paint on your index and ring fingers. Now allow the paint to dry.

4. During waiting time, draw a heart on a scotch tape with the help of a marker or pen. The size of the heart should be according to the size of your nails. Now cut that heart with the help of scissors as in the picture.

5. When your nail paint is dried fully, then apply that heart shaped scotch tape on your nail. And apply pink color nail paint on top.

6. Now allow second coat of nail paint to dry. As the paint dries, then take off the heart made of scotch tape from your finger. This will give you a pink color heart on top of your beautiful nails.

7. Now repeat the same step for index and middle fingers.

8. Finally apply a transparent coat on all the nails to give a final touch.

Voila! Now you are ready to kill the dill ♥♥ (heart) as well as bill. Lol..


  1. Awesome nail art. Loved your creativity :)

  2. You know I always killed his bill but this time, will try to kill his dill. He he ;)

  3. Lovely nail art yar. I will try it this weekend.

  4. It's super cute dear :) So explained it so well, I hope my will also turn out same.

  5. Wife loved reading it.. :) Thanks for sharing..

  6. Super Cute.
    Sriram & Krithiga

  7. This is super adorable... I am definitely gonna try it out very soon. Thanks a ton for sharing dearie :)

    1. Thanks for your wonderful words Maitreni :)

  8. This is so pretty. I loved it, Anjali.

  9. I think that this requires lots of patience... Looks pretty :)

  10. Such an adorable nail art Anjali..Loved it.. :)

  11. you have a lovely blog! would you like following each other? Lemme know


  12. Ahem ahem romantic ;) this is super chic and easy!!!

    1. Ah! Ha! Megha this nail art is especially for you dear ;)

  13. Lovely nail art dear. Nice inspiration.