Sunday, September 20, 2015

Selfies: One Face & Three Different Looks

Hello Friends!!!

Sometimes you like to admire yourself, want to see yourself again and again and like to complement yourself with words “ I am so beautiful” . I also love to do the same. Whenever I love to pamper myself, I love to click a lot pictures. Out of so many pictures, I decided to share my selfies in three different facial looks.

Traditional Look: An Indian girl look most beautiful in Indian or traditional attire. I usually do not wear traditional clothes. But on certain occasions, I love to wear traditional clothes like Salwar kameez, kurti, sari or lehanga.

To accompany traditional dress, I love to put on foundation or BB cream on my face, kajal or khol in my eyes, danglers in my ear, bangles in my hands, mascara on my eyelashes, lipstick or lip balm on my lips and a little bindi on my face.

With traditional outfit I love to create new hair styles.

Modern Look: I usually prefer to wear modern clothes as I find them more comfortable. Yes! I love to apply BB cream on my face, kajal or khol in my eyes, mascara on my eyelashes, lipstick or lip balm on my lips and love to flaunt my hair.

No Makeup Look: This is my favorite look, sometimes you really feel like not to wear any makeup on your face. It is not because of laziness, sometimes you really need to show real face to rest of the world. And to show how beautiful you are without makeup.

In case of no makeup look I only apply day cream on face to provide some moisture to my skin, a bit of kajal in my eyes, some Vaseline on my lips if required and love to tie my hair in a tight bun.


  1. Looking awesome in all the three looks :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely words Neetu.. Mwaaaaaaah!

  3. I am in love with your eyes. They are so beautiful :)

  4. Taking Selfies is an art. :-) Something that I still have not mastered. Cool pics . :-)

  5. Very nice clicks Anjali :):) All the pictures are awesome :)

  6. Cool pictures Anjali.:).Looks lovely in all the three.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  7. nice look. nice expression too. :)

  8. Aww... you look so cute with those chubby cheeks & different moods deare ;) <3

    1. Blush! Blush! Thanks a lot sweet heart :)

  9. You look so beautiful even without makeup sweet heart..

  10. catching facial expressions are best ways to know the mood.