Friday, September 4, 2015

Toddlers As Lord Krishna

Happy Janmashtami Friends!!!

Whole nation is celebrating Janmashtami today (5/08/2015). It is a pious day which is devoted to lord Krishna’s birthday. Today people will fast, will decorate lord Krishna with new clothes & accessories and finally will break their fast at midnight (time when lord Krishna was born).

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, that’s why you can see the amount of happiness on the faces of the people of this area on this occasion. As I am from Agra, so in my childhood I had visited Banke Bihari & Iskon temple with my parents a lot of time on the eve of Janmasthami. Sometime we used to visit all the temples in our city to watch beautiful scenarios made there.

But know, we all have grown up and the visits less frequent. But yesterday when I saw some small kids dressed in lord Krishna’s attire, then it made me nostalgic of my old days. To say the truth every kid was looking equally cute in Krishna’s attire. And why it shouldn’t be present, as we say that god resides in kids.

I captured my little Kanhas and sharing some pictures with you guys. Hope you will also fall in love with them.

1. Cute Kanha: 

Her name is Archana Wadhwani. She is 3 years old. Isn’t she cute like Kanha?

2. Innocent Kanha:

His name is Shaurya Solanki and 5 years old. Normally he is a very naughty but in these pictures he is innocent like Kanha.

3. Poser Kanha: 

His name is Tejas Jain and is only 3 years old. But this kid is a star and knows how to pose for camera. So he is my poser Kanha.

Awww!!! I love all of them ♥♥…. So what do you think?


  1. They all are so pretty & awesome :)

  2. My little princesses :) Beautiful pictures Anjali..

    1. Thanks Neetu & you really have a beautiful princesses.

  3. Replies
    1. Watching kids is such attire is always fun Moumita :)

  4. Happy Janmashtami to you too Anjali :)
    Those are the cutest pictures.

  5. Pretty cool.
    if morning shows the day ...

  6. So charming and lovely Kishna Kanahiyas

  7. Yes, all are innocent as God lives in them!

  8. Replies
    1. I also reacted same after seeing these little wonders :)

  9. Such beautiful pictures! Felt so good watching these little kids dressed as Kanha. Thanks for sharing :)