Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY: Glass Stones Vase (Converting an old bowl into a beautiful vase)

Hello Folks!!!

Whenever the eve of Diwali is near, I get so many ideas for DIY. Because this time my mother brings a lot of new stuff and throws out old stuff. Lol..

When I saw this waste bowl because it’s lid was broken. So I decided to turn it into a beautiful vase. This vase costed me only Rs 20. If you are thinking how then let me explain it to you. The bowl was lying waste, the glass stones I used from my fish tank (If my mother will read this post, she is going to kill me. Ha ha) and a bottle of feviquick which costed Rs 20.

That’s why this vase costed me only Rs 20. Now let’s work on our glass stones vase & give a makeover to the old bowl.

You will need:

i. A glass bowl or vase (old)
ii. Glass stones
iii. Fevicol or feviquick


1. Search out an old bowl from your kitchen’s cupboards. I am 100% sure you will definitely going to find one.

2. Now apply a drop of feviquick on a glass stone & stick it to the glass bowl.

3. Follow a pattern for glass stones. Here I have used five colors i.e blue, yellow, green, white and orange.

4. Apply all the stones as in the pictures.

5. Keep on repeating the process until whole bowl has been covered with the glass stones.

6. Now all it to dry for 24 hours.

7. To give a final touch I have tied a golden ribbon around the mouth of the bowl.

8. Ta!da! Glass stones vase is ready.

As I have created this vase for Diwali purpose. So I kept a candle inside it. You can see how beautiful it looks on lighting up the candle.


  1. Awesome idea dear. I will work on my vase :)

  2. Looks so lovely.Nice idea.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. Amazing creativity Anjali :) the vase is awesome, hope your mom won't read this post ha-ha :D

  4. Such a cute DIY. Thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. It looks amazing and soooo simple to make.....

  6. Such a creative post. Loved this idea.