Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Ways To Trim Your Own Hair At Home

Hello Pretties!!!

This is a well-known fact that for long and healthy hair, you need to trim them regularly. Experts recommend that in every 8-12 weeks we should trim our hair. And we also want to do this but most of us can’t because of unbearable expenses of hairdresser. This leaves us frustrated with split ends.

But there is no task Impossible because word impossible means “I am possible. So today I am sharing two methods of trimming your split ends at home. By this you will save the money and will find a way to get rid from your split ends.

1.Twist Method:
1. Part hair down center. Divide into equal sections and bring hair in front of your shoulders.
2. Take approx. an inch of hair from left section and twist it into a nice spiral.
3. Twist all the way to the ends.
4. Run your fingers along the twist to loosen up any shaggy, stray hairs.
5. Trim away any loose split ends you see in your twist.
6. Finally go to the bottom of your twist and trim off the length.
7. Repeat same steps for the right side section too.

2. Loop Method:

1. Take any size amount of hair and loop it over your finger on one hand.
2. Look at the hair that's sticking straight out. Trim them with scissors.
3. Move the hair through your fingers and keep cutting a few millimeters off the split hair.