Saturday, November 28, 2015

5 Things that can be done to Keep A Baby’s Soft Skin Safe

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Motherhood is a dream for every woman. I am very thankful to god that he gave us the gift of motherhood and gift to bring new life to the world. Once you enter in the role of mother, you enter the new phase of life.

Motherhood comes with a lot of happiness in life but also bring a lot of responsibility . The small bud of life has just entered our world and is totally dependent on us for anything.

That’s why; it’s the responsibility of the mother to cater the needs of the Cutie Pie. If it’s about baby’s skin, then the responsibility doubles up as baby’s skin is ultra sensitive. Here I am sharing 5 things that must be closely monitored to keep baby’s skin soft and safe.                             

Bath etiquettes: In our culture, people are obsessed with cleanliness, which means that parents tend to overdo, when it comes to bathing their beauties. Dips in tub should be avoided until umbilical stump falls off. 

Tender the skin – Baby’s skin tends to mature and fall off quickly, so bathing the baby twice a week is enough till the baby starts rolling on its own or eats semi solid foods.

2. Spot on the moon: Baby face is like moon and any acne or rash could look like a spot on it. Baby’s skin is very susceptible to infections and other environmental factors. Unlike adult acne, baby’s acne shouldn't be treated with chemicals or medications until a medical advice. Other conditions which effect baby’s skin are rashes and eczema which can be treated symptomatically.

3. Old is gold: As the saying goes, the old is always precious. The saying fits perfectly for neonates clothing, the older the cloth the better it is. The ideal clothing for a baby is old, loose and airy clothes. 

I breathe air: The baby skin has much surface area than a normal adult, so he loses moisture and is more susceptible to infections and heat stroke. The more the air circulation in skin, the better it is for baby’s skin.

 4. Fire and water: As fire contradicts water, same is the condition of baby’s skin when fire (chemicals) irritates the baby’s skin (that’s full of moisture). As parents, you should be aware of what products you are using on baby’s skin. We should read the ingredients carefully and choose wisely. 

Natural is better: Try to avoid scented products as much as possible. The natural smell of baby’s skin is best.

5. The bottom side: We have covered the most part of baby’s skin but the most important part still remains unclear. Chances are most parents have already encountered a diaper rash -- and if you haven't, you will. A good diaper can help in reducing the same and maintain good air circulation; Pampers is one of the best options available.

Baby that skin: The cleaner and drier baby's bottom, the less likely his skin will become irritated. Clean baby with water and a washcloth or baby wipe during every diaper change, then allow his skin to dry completely before applying a diaper.


  1. Wonderful tips! Definitely going to help a lot of parents.

    1. I will very happy, if my post can help :)

  2. When I came to know about my pregnancy, I was you excited & curious about lots of thing about baby. How to handle a baby, how to give him/her bath, how to treat his/her soft skin blah blah. Availability of these kinds of tips on internet definitely are helpful. I loved your post dear :) Very well written.

  3. Oh! This post reminded me those day when my Archu was a little kid. Have have to extra care of her as it was very sensitive.
    Nice job babes :)

    1. I can understand.. My cousins really work hard for their babies..

  4. Very informative anjali about her skin, excellent!

  5. This is such an adorable post with some great tips! :) Much useful post for my lil cousin!

  6. Great post and very different style of writing it. May you win! :)