Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY: How To make Gel Wax Candles At Home

Bonjour Amis!!!

I was in class XII when I decided to learn candle making during my summer vacations. For this I joined hobby classes. The course was of three days. I still remember how excited I was on the first day of my class. On first day our teacher taught us basics of candle making & then she demonstrated us how to make a gel wax candle.

She clearly said one should be very much careful while working with flame. I don’t know how but our room caught fire. May be because of our teacher’s carelessness. This incident made me so scared that I never returned back.

As basics were clear to me so I decided to make candle at home. First one was not that god but after some practice I became master in this. He he he.

You will need:

i. Some glass jars
ii. Gel wax
iii. Candle wick
iv. Coloring agent
v. Sea shells, beads, ornaments or embellishments etc.
vi. Boiler or pan


1. Initially place a candle wick at the base of the glass. You can use different types of glass jars depending upon your choice.

2. Now put the pencil on the top of the glass jar & roll the wick around the pencil. This will keep your wick at the center on pouring gel wax.

3. Fill the glass jar with sea shells, beads, ornaments or embellishments etc. You can use different thing depending upon your choice. You can see in one of the candles I have used a doll. I got this doll from my old key chain.

4. Now take some gel wax in a pan depending upon the size of the glass. Warm it at very low flame.

5. If you want to give some color to your candle then add a pinch of coloring agent & mix well with the help of a spoon.

6. Be careful while doing so. As I already told you my first day experience of learning gel wax candles.

7. Slowly pour the gel into the glass jar. Please don’t over fill the jar with the gel.

8. Now all the gel wax to cool down so that it can solidifies again.

Isn't they are cool?


  1. Great DIY for Diwali & Christmas :)

  2. Lovely gel wax candles.Thanks for sharing.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. Such an Amazing look, those candles are really awesome Anjali :)

  4. Wow.. Such a creative idea. Loved those candles :)

  5. Very good! What a great Idea lovely.....

  6. This is really amazing, I loved the candles and the creative idea!

  7. I used to make candles at home. I remember the first time I went to shop for Gel wax but ended up with some wrong packet. Candle making is simple and so much fun. Also its a craft to show our creativity. Nice DIY this festive season.

    1. Sometimes small but sweet memories are associated with small thing we do.. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    2. Although diwaliis gone but i love candles i make sureto take out time to try it at home.....thanks for sharing it.

    3. Thanks Deepti & I hope they will turn out great :)

  8. soo cute love the long sea shell one!!