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Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip Review

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You must have heard Shipa Shetty in Prega News advertisement saying that “Maa banana ka ehsaas hota hai kuch khaas” (Sense of motherhood is a unique one). The same unique sense I underwent when my pregnancy was confirmed by pregnant strip. Here is my experience and review about it.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip Review
Product claims: Prega News Test Kit is specially designed for women who are expecting a child. It is very helpful and effective for HCG pregnancy testing in one step. To detect pregnancy, it contains an agglutinating sera reagent. With this kit, you will need not to visit the doctor and you will get results in just five minutes. The accuracy level of this kit is 99% and you just need 3 drops of urine as a sample for testing.

Prega News Test Kit is an easy and convenient to use. For the results, if the kit indicates one pink line then the result is negative and if the kit indicates two lines i.e. one dark pink and one light pink lines then the result is positive.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip: When to take test

Benefits and Features:

Perfect for easy and quick urine HCG pregnancy test.
Gives results in 5 minutes.
Convenient and 99% accurate.
Helpful for easy pregnancy detection.
Designed for in vitro diagnostic usage.
Agglutinating Sera Reagent for pregnancy testing.
Safe for pregnancy testing.
Price: 40 Rs

Online availability: Amazon, E.bay,, etc.

Directions for Use:

1.Take out the pregnancy detection card/strip and place it on a flat surface.

2. Draw out a little urine with a dropper (provided with the kit) and put just three drops in the circular test well. Do not spill urine on the reading strip.

3. Wait for three to five minutes and then read the test results. Trying to read the results before the stipulated time or waiting too long, can both lead to inaccurate readings. 

How to Use Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip

Packaging:This kit comes in a purple & white colored package. It includes a white color strip with a dropper. In front of the packaging one can see the picture of TV actress Neha Marda and at the back all the required information about the product.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip: How to see result

My opinion about this product: The time I missed my period, I had a doubt that I am pregnant. For confirmation, I took home a urine pregnancy test. I bought “X” company kit, which to my disappointment gave a negative result. I was very confident of my intention, so this time I bought Prega news kit. My friend recommended me this test kit as very effective even if we are taking the pregnancy confirmation test earlier.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip: Price, Availability, Efficiency

For accurate result always take the test with early morning urine, just add 2-3 drops of urine in the circular test well. You need to observe the result within 5 minutes. Result after that time period in not conclusive.

A lot of time, you would find your pregnancy test negative, it’s not that you are not pregnant. It can be then that you are checking it very early. So wait for few more days for B.HCG to increase and then you will find the positive result.

Results Indication: 

* One line indicates pregnancy negative result.
* Two lines indicate pregnancy positive result.

Prega News Pregnancy Test Strip: Baby, Pregnancy, motherhood, parenting

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.5/ 5 ♥♥


  1. Nice & well detailed review Nisha.. Great job :)

    1. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity :)

  2. Nice review as well congratulations!! U didn't mention the time when u were experiencing the pregnancy, but having a child is always a good news so congrats for that!!

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I am very glad that you liked the review :)

  3. Congrats for your happiness

    I too had similar experience. Even BetaHCg test gave me negative result, why because my body produces Beta HCG late. So after four negative tests, I finally got one positive test. By the I was almost nine weeks pregnant. I was just sharing a possibility.
    Well its a geat news that this is a very sensitive test thanks for the review
    And congratulations too

    1. Thank you so much Rakhi for sharing your experience. It will definitely going to help a lot of ladies :)

  4. This is such a great invention. Great review dear!!!

  5. I also got the good news by this kit its nice

  6. Hello. I wanted to know that do I have to refrigerate the kit overnight? Because I'm worried that the last two times I didn't, I may have gotten a false negative. Thanks, please respond asap!

    1. No dear, just keep them is cool place that is away from heat & all.. For other information read every thing mentioned in the review carefully.. All the best :)

    2. Thank you! I've gotten 3 negatives up until now so maybe I missed my period due to other reasons. I don't think I can get a false negative if I took it today after 20 days of missed period. Thank you so much. This was very helpful. :)

    3. Thanks you so much dear.. Hope you will have a good news to share very soon :)

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