Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost knocking at the door. And the preparation for this eve is almost over. I am planning to visit my parent’s place. Before that I thought of a Santa (Christmas) inspired nail art. So that we all can decorate our nails dedicating to our lovely & cute Santa. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art: Step by Step, Tutorial
You will need:

1. Base coat (optional but recommended to prevent staining)
2. White opaque nail paint
3. Red opaque nail paint
4. Black opaque nail paint
5. Top coat (optional but recommended to prevent chipping)
6. Tooth pick or ear bud
7. Scotch tape


1. First of all apply a full coat of base coat. This step can be skipped but I always recommend going for it. A base coat prevents staining of your nails.

2. Once base coat has completely dried, take strip of scotch tape and put it vertically.

3. Apply the white nail paint vertically on the nail as in the picture to make Santa’s beard.

How to create Santa on nails

4. Once the white nail paint dries remove the strip.

No tool nail art

 5. Now again take a strip of scotch tape and put it vertically.

6. Apply the red nail paint vertically on the nail as in the picture to make Santa’s hat.

7. Once the red nail paint dries remove the strip.

8. Using a dotting tool or tooth pick or ear bud make the fluffy bit of the hat.

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art

9. Now dip a tooth pick in black nail paint and dot some eyes.

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art

 10. Using red nail paint, press down more with your dotting tool or ear bud to create a larger dot or oval. This will act as nose-y of Santa.

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art

 11. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes and then apply a top coat that will seal everything in.

Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art
Santa (Christmas) Inspired Nail Art

Finally your Santa (Christmas) nail art is ready. I am pretty sure you might have seen a number of Christmas inspired nail art but I know it is the simplest one.


  1. Very nyc anjali its the time to mary christmas good idea

  2. It's awesome Anjali. Definitely going to try on nails of my cutie pie.

    1. Thanks Neetu.. I am sure she will like it :)

  3. Aww.. this is so cute! Loved the idea... it would fetch you great compliments! :)

    1. Thanks dearie :) i am glad that you liked it..

  4. Aww...such a cute nail art. Loved it :)

  5. aww so cute! also love how simple this nail art is! Will definitely be trying this over the weekend xx

    The Chicster Diaries

  6. Thats so cute..really loved it Anjali.. :)

  7. This is the first Santa inspired nail art I have seen and I love the creativity which goes into it :)
    great job :)

    1. Thanks a lot Hargun Wahi for your wonderful words :)