Thursday, December 31, 2015

Subway, Agra Review

Hey guys!!!

On my recent trip back to home at Agra I decided to explore the area a bit more. On my expedition I started to feel hungry and saw subway on Fatehabad road.

Subway ( Agra :- Fatehabad)
Outlet type:- Fast food restaurant.
Sitting capacity :- 48 persons.
Products sold :- Sub's, sandwiches, cookies, soft drinks, salads, etc.
Service type :- Self service.
Great for :- Quick lunch, snack or group hangouts.

The subway is situated on the side of the road in front of ITC Mughal. I really do enjoy the subway as the food there is usually healthy and they give you an ample amount of customizing choices, also the freshness of bread and ingredients used. So as soon as I entered the outlet, I noticed immense hygiene and cleanliness, which is one of the top priorities when I go in a restaurant or any outlet selling food.

The interior is designed very good with decent theme and color combination. Subway also emphasizes on the staff interaction with guest which is actually an important aspect when it comes to designing/customizing your sub, the staff there was awesome as far as the manager is concerned he is a very pleasant person to communicate with. Also while ordering the staff had a good grasp over language and communication, which also made my ordering a pleasant process.

After taking my order I sat down on a chair nearby and noticed the good view outside the glass plane on one side of the wall. The vegetables were fresh, bread was crunchy and the toppings were just as I wanted, also they do have a big variety of patties depending upon your taste. The vegetarian section was just flawless.

I would like to visit that place again, if I ever were to stumble upon the same path again. Heads up this outlet, its very well managed with friendly staff good food quality and great environment.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4.3/5 ♥♥