Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Cold Cream Review

Hello Friends!!!

Cold cream is a must have product in winters. In this post, I am reviewing a cold cream by Dabur Gulabari. It is fully loaded with the goodness of rose oil and glycerin. Let see my experience with this cold cream.

Product claims: Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Cold Cream with natural rose extracts derives its goodness from Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. It is enriched with natural rose oil and key actives, which gently work on your skin, giving it a rose like glow.

Regular use of Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Cold Cream helps your skin in three ways:

Maintains Moisture Balance - Rose oil and glycerin help maintain the skin hydration balance, giving it a soft and supple look without leaving it oily

Protects Skin - Provitamin E helps protect your skin against skin damaging elements, leaving it soft and untouched

Gives Radiant Glow -
Natural rose extracts help remove dryness and dullness, giving your skin a rose-like radiance.

Ingredients: Aqua containing extract of Rose, Saffron & Turmeric, Provitamin E, Sheabutter, Sodium PCA, Seasame oil.

Price: Rs 30 @ 29 ml & Rs 5 @ 8 ml.

Online availability: Amazon, Ordermygrocery, Flipkart, Zopnow, Satvikshop etc.

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years.

Directions for use: Apply the cream directly on the face and neck like we apply other cold creams.

Packaging: This cold cream comes in a white colored plastic jar/tub. It has a same colored screw cap. Information required is provided at the back of the jar/tub. Ingredient list is also there but it is not complete (I wonder why some companies avoid providing complete list of ingredients). This small pack is very cute and easily slips into my purse or clutch.

My opinion about the product: This cream is light pinkish in color and has an ultra soft texture. As soon as you open the cap a sweet aroma of fresh roses overtakes your senses, which makes you feel like you are surrounded by roses. The fragrance is not at all overpowering and fades away soon after application.

It gets absorbed easily & you need not to put much effort. Post application your skin has a subtle glow, feels soft &moisturized. You can also use it as body massage cream. But this cream makes skin a bit greasy & oily after application. So if you have oily skin like me than definitely you will not like it.

It keeps your skin well hydrated and is a good option for normal to dry skin.

What I like about this product….

1. It gets absorbed easily and keeps the skin moisturized though out the day.
2. Budget friendly.
3. Adds an instant glow on the face when the skin.
4. Can also be used as a body massage cream.
5. Has a nice fragrance.
6. Easy availability.

What I do not like about this product…..

1. Some may find tub or jar packaging unhygienic.
2. Oily skinned people may not like it and find it greasy.
3. The subtle glow that it gives to the skin is not long lasting.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 3/5 ♥♥


  1. I usually skip cold creams as they make my oily skin more oily. Lovely review :)

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  2. Using Ponds cold cream from ages. I think I should give a try to this cream :)

    1. Don't forget to share your experience :)

  3. wonderful review
    never used it
    will buy after readin this

  4. I have oily skin but I ll love to use it as body cream!!!

  5. This is a good one.
    Well presented.

  6. I do not prefer cold creams, they make my skin very dull don't know the reason but it's true!!
    Great review...

  7. So apt for the ongoing winters! Thanks for sharing dearie :)

  8. The last time I bought a cold cream for five Rupees was Ponds! Its good to see another cream in such a price range! Though I have oily skin I liked ponds and I think Ill give this one a try too :) Nice review dear!

    1. I also have that small version of Pond's.. He he he

  9. I have a dry skin, I think it will work for me. I love its fragrance too.

  10. Does sound great for winters and super affordable.

  11. Great Review Anjali..So in time for the winter's .. :)

  12. I don't use cold creams cos it makes my skin oily.. but, a good review from you, :)

  13. Dabur is a trusted brand for years n offers quality in most products.