Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Enega Crème Hair Color (Black & Burgundy) Review

Hello Friends!!!

One month back I received a parcel containing two different shades of Enega Crème Hair Color. One of them was natural black (Shade no: 1) and another one was burgundy (shade no: 3.16). I asked my father whether he would like to use this new brand of hair color and he nodded in yes for it. Let’s checkout my complete review about this hair color.

Product claims: Enega Brilliance is a nourishing permanent hair color. This is not just an ordinary crème hair color, but a superior quality, innovative hair color product in as many as 10 fashion color shades. With benefits of argan oil and green tea extract, Enega Brilliance is a no-ammonia crème hair color, especially designed for smooth caring of your precious hair. This will help you sport a magnifique & gracieux look. This unisex hair color product provides not only 100 % long lasting grey coverage, but also bestows radiance & rich conditioning to your hair. Moreover argan oil & green tea extract in it ensure perfect nurturing of your locks while beautifying them.


Price: 55 Rs

Wt: 20 gm + 30 ml

Online availability: Paytm, E.bay, Jabong, Purplle, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Shelf life:
36 months or 3 years

Shades available: Natural black, Burgundy, Chocolate brown, Dark brown & Natural brown.

Directions for use:

1. Put on coloring gloves.
2. Pierce the seal of hair crème with the point of the cap.
3. Open the cap of the developer bottle.
4. In a non-metallic bowl mix the developer and colorant. Stir the mixture uniformly.
5. Apply the mixture on dry, unwashed hair to the roots, separating the hair by strand. Spread the       mixture on rest of the hair.
6. Leave for 30 minutes. Throw away any unused mixture.
7. Rinse hair gently after 30 minutes of the development time till water comes clear out of hair.

Packaging: The hair color comes in a very cool carton box; I loved the unique shape of this carton box. It includes a tube of crème, a bottle of developer, a brush, a set of gloves, a sachet of conditioner and an instructional leaflet. You need to go through manual properly before coloring hair. Overall this box includes everything you need to color your hair.

My opinion about this product: Whenever you are trying a hair color for the first time, don’t forget to do a patch test 1 day post application. As this is a new brand so we did a patch test for my dad. There was no allergic reaction so I decided to color my dad’s hair on very next day. Various shades of this hair color are available in the market. Out of which I received two i.e black & burgundy. My dad uses black color so we decided to give a try to Natural black shade.

Like any other hair color in the market you need to mix crème and developer properly. I applied this hair color evenly on each & every strand with the help of the brush provided in the kit. In case you have any wound then avoid using hair color in that area. This mixture has a very strong smell, which causes watery eyes (To be honest, I experience same thing with every hair color because of my sensitive eyes.

After complete coverage, my father allowed it for 30 minutes. After that he shampooed his hair and the result was natural black hair. The hair color covered each & every grey hair. I am really happy with the color and how it turned out. The color and conditioner are really nourishing & hydrating. So I was thrilled with how well they treated my dad’s hair. My father having this color for about 3 weeks now & so far, we both are happy with the hold up (Staying power may vary depending upon number of hair washes.).

Overall I am very happy with the color. The kit was very easy to use &convenient and the coverage was super impressive. I am planning to use burgundy shade on my hair, if I will make up my mind for the same then I will definitely share my experience with you all.

Safety Instruction:

* Follow the instruction leaflet inside pack.
* Rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them.
* Wear suitable gloves during using this product.
* Do not use if you have already experienced an allergic reaction.
* Do not forget to do patch test if using it first time.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 4/5 ♥♥

* PR sample but honest review.


  1. The BG caught my attention. :)
    4/5 too catches my attention. :)

  2. Nice review dear. Loved the way you clicked this product :)

  3. Are you planning to color your complete hair or particular section?

    1. I am planning to color 3-4 inches of lower section of my hair ;)

  4. I want to color my hair at home. Will try this!

    1. Don't forget to share your experience dearie :)

  5. I too don't like the strong fragrance that hair colours have. Wish it was a nice floral fragrance.

    1. Same here Sangeeta but unfortunately most of the hair colors smell bad..

  6. Amazing!!! Like the color, but is this multiple usage pack or one time only??

    1. It's a smaller version so can be used only once ;)

  7. wow, Detailed and nice review, dear. xx :)

  8. your rating attracts. nice detailed review, Anjali :)