Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Makeup Tips On How To Stay Beautiful This Spring

Hello Beauties!!!

Spring has full on beauty as it is the blooming season but it is not that welcoming for your skin. Most of you have already started worrying about your skin and related beauty concerns. Due to heat and the dust, most of you are likely to face a lot of skin problems. Precautions are needed before the question strikes you and then you take the effort which will be in vain.

A lot of tips on how to stay beautiful with season changes or how to maintain your beauty is already discussed. But, some people still find it tough to follow them as they find the tips not so easy or affordable. So, no more worries as here is an article with some basic simple makeup advice on how to stay beautiful this spring…

Avoid Foundation

It is better to avoid foundation during this season. Instead, you can prefer BB creams that are available from various brands. Pick the name that goes well with your skin and uses it every day for the perfect coverage. It gives you a natural look as well. Check out NearBuy for fantastic deals on beauty and makeup from professionals. You can revamp your makeup style and meet all beauty needs at the lowest price. Use NearBuy Coupons to avail the offer/deal.

Apply Blush

After applying BB cream, do use blush on it. That gives you the needed highlight for the cheeks and the face. Use powder blushes during this season as it lasts longer. Choose the right color for the blush and make sure that you do not overdo it. Now, you are done with your skin, and it will look the best.

Highlight Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most enhancing part on your face. You can realize it once you shape your brows after any facial or makeup to see the difference it can make. Make your brows a bit darker using the eyebrow pencil. Shape it according to your face and then you will look good.

Play With Your Eyes

Eyes convey your emotions. Convey that you love to stay beautiful always with your eyes. Use eye liners to draw your eyes entirely. Stroke it correctly and uses an eyebrow pencil to get your desired shade.

Use Mascara

Use mascara to get your eyelashes right. It would be better if you curl your lashes and then apply the mascara. Get the desired thickness for the lashes. You can also go for colored mascaras if you are comfortable with the same. Buy mascaras online from Jabong. Use Jabong Coupons to get discounts while buying it.

No Chapped Lips

Now, lips need a lot of care during this season. It might get dry and chapped over and over again during the day. Use any branded lip balm to make your lips looks fresh and good. You can also use butter or fresh cream or even honey to remove the chapped lips. Rub Beetroot slices on your lips to get rose color.

Get A New Hairstyle

Restyle your hair this season. It can give you a fresh and new look. That can change your attitude as well. Go with the season and pick up any such style that matches well with your floral outfit.

Bronze Your Body

Prefer tanning your body. It will help your body to get a self-glow. And you can sync the look with the right makeup.

Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Use sunscreen anytime you go out so that your skin does not get harmed with harmful rays. It can cause various skin diseases too. So, stay safe, use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 20. Buy all your makeup needs from the best brands available online. Check out Snapdeal for all the best offers. Snapdeal online shopping helps in saving a lot of money.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It is essential that you remove all the impurities from your body. So, drink plenty of water, and all the internal impurities and toxic elements gets eliminated from your body.


  1. These are some really nice tips. I'd like to add one point.. keep smiling. Nothing makes a person look more beautiful than a gorgeous smile across their face.

  2. Ohh water is a must. My lips become chapped as soon as I am dehydrated. Nice tips!

  3. Avoid foundation. I totally agree on that. It's better to look natural :)

  4. These are some good handy tips.Foundation is big no.For sure

  5. These are some really handful tips Anju!!!

  6. Very helpful tips, Anjali! Thanks for this timely share...spring is almost here :)

  7. Great quick tips.. thanks for sharing dear :)

  8. New hairstyle and highlight eyebrows are two things I need to learn. Cool tips!

  9. The post is fantastic! I love it so much :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Bb/cc creams instead for foundation for sure...loved the tips..

  11. Such a lovely tips. Thanks for the tips.