Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fair & Lovely BB Cream Review

Hello Pretties!!!

From last one year I was regularly using Pond’s BB Cream but this time I picked Fair & Lovely BB Cream. As I was trying it first time so I picked smaller variant of this product. So let see Fair & Lovely BB Cream is a hit or miss.

Product claims: The new Fair and Lovely BB Cream brings the expertise and magic of foundation and multivitamin fairness cream in a single tube. It causes:

* Instant fair look.
* Coverage of spots and blemishes.
* Even skin tone.
* Sun protection, SPF-15.
* Matte, non-oily finish.


Price: 49 Rs

Wt: 9 gm

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years.

Online availability: Amazon, Flipkart, E.bay, Snapdeal, Jabong, etc.

Directions for use: Apply the cream in dots across cleansed face and neck. Gently blend using finger tips.

Packaging: This BB Cream comes packed in a rose-gold and white colored outer box on which all the required details are printed. It comes in a beautiful squeeze tube having similar combination like outer box. In front of the tube as well as outer box you will see picture of the brand ambassador of this brand i.e Yami Gautam. This smaller version is very travel friendly and can be easily carried in bag or purse or clutch.

My opinion about this product: The BB cream is light brown in color & has a nice fragrance which goes away upon application. It has a nice consistency; it is neither too thick nor too thin. It has a smooth texture and blends very well in skin. I have oily skin, so I need to not struggle in blending this cream. If you have dry skin then add a bit of moisturizer in BB cream and mix well before application. It gives a light coverage against blemishes, pigmentation spots and marks.

So if you have light spots, marks and blemishes than you may find this BB cream effective but not too effective in case of prominent ones. The good thing is post application my skin does not looks greasy or oily. It provides you flawless skin for 3-4 hours. I think it will suit fair to dusky skin tones but not so much for people with darker shades of skin.

So if you like to wear makeup daily but do not like to put heavy foundation in that case this BB cream is a very good option. Moreover it has SPF-15 which protects your skin from Sun damage. Over all it is a decent product but not as effective like Pond’s BB cream. So I would like to purchase Pond’s BB cream next time.

What I like about this product….

- Effectively hides light spots, marks and blemishes.
- Easy to apply & blend.
-Very attractive packaging.
- Budget friendly.
- Does not make skin oily or greasy.
- Has SPF-15.

What I do not like about this product….

- Not suitable for dry skin.
- Contains parabens.
- Not effective against dark spots, marks and blemishes.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 2.5/5 ♥♥


  1. Nice review but it was too light for my skin!

  2. Nicely reviewed. Looks too light and will hardly suit for dusky or brown skins.

  3. Yeah I have heard about it that they have one shade and that too suits only Yami Gautam. Nice review Anjali!

  4. My roomate got this..and she has oily skin..she is loving it..I guess i will try it once atleast

    1. Do not forget to share your experience with it..

  5. Sounds like a decent bb cream for those with oily skin to try out.

  6. this is another dud like rest of their products.. Too bad Fair n Lovely :P

  7. Nice and honest review , I have not tried this yet , for my skin type Pond's BB is best .
    But this seems a budget friendly and travel friendly pack :-)

    1. Thanks Ghazala.. It is better to skip it :)

  8. Nice review!! I am looking for good bb cream for daily basis but this one is a bit light according to me. Plz do the pond's bb cream review too!!

  9. Well written dear.. I don't like fair n lovely stuffs.. this bb cream is really a dud..

  10. I guess it's time Fair and Lovely should just stop experimenting with cosmetics :( Parabens in it is a biggg turn off! Well reviewed,Anjali:)

  11. I totally agree that it.provides less coverage for prominent dark spots.. Nicely reviewed Anjali :)

  12. I love ponds BB cream too :)

  13. I am a huge fan of fair and lovely the product is awesome :)

  14. I don't use fair n lovely products much. but this seems to be a nice option to cover the blemishes compared to heavy foundations. well reviewed, Anjali :)

  15. Nice review dear. I never liked fair & lovely products much.

    Dr. Farhat Sultana

  16. I prefer to avoid fair and lovely concept.
    Well reviewed though.

  17. Very nicely reviewed dear...I used the product once and liked it :)