Monday, April 11, 2016

Kung Fu Panda Inspired Nail Art: Step By Step Tutorial (No Nail Art Tools)

Hello Lovelies!!!

After a long time, I am doing a nail art post. The time delay between these two posts is not due to any specific reason but just it happens sometimes unknowingly. In my previous nail art (Cow Print Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial) I promised that I would do more posts on animal inspired nail art. Recently I watched Kung Fu Panda-3, so thought to have a nail art inspired from this movie character.

As you know, I always prefer to do a nail art without nail art tools. So they don’t look professional one but are super easy to create. You may not find this nail art like pro, even I am not sure that you guys are going to like it but still sharing it. I hope you guys not going to sue me for this. He he

You will need:

1. Base coat (optional but recommended to prevent staining)
2. White opaque nail paint
3. Black nail paint
4. Top coat (optional but recommended to prevent chipping)
5. Ear bud and tooth pick


1. First of all apply a full coat of base coat. This step can be skipped but I always recommend to go for it. A base coat prevents staining of your nails.

2. When base coat has fully dried, apply a coat of white nail paint on your nails to create face of the panda as I did in the picture.

3. When the white nail paint has completely dried, dip an ear bud or matchstick in Black nail paint and dot some eyes.

4. Once you are done with eyes, it is time for nose of panda. So dip a tooth pick from circular side in the black nail paint & dot nose of panda. The black dot of nose should be smaller in size in comparison to eyes.

5. Finally with the help of the ear bud or match stick, we have to make ears of the panda.

6. Finally apply top coat to prevent chipping.

So we are done with our Kung Fu Panda inspired nail art. I think this is the easiest nail art which I have ever done. Even kids can try out this.


  1. Cute nail art!! It makes us remember the poh's panda village in movie.

  2. So cute! My princess will definitely love it :)

  3. I absolutely loved it Anjali. The best thing is, you need not to use any nail art tool.

  4. Nice , Nail art is very creative Zone , this one is too cute :-)

  5. This is such a cute post..loved the nail surely gonna give it a try and send you pics buddy <3

  6. oooo ma... this is so awesome!!!! :-) thanks for sharing sweetie...

  7. Simple and easy. Looks great too.

  8. awww so so cute nail art ! :*

  9. So cute and easy!! Totally doable. :) …

  10. Cute, Am going to try this on my daughter.

  11. Awww this nail art is super cute!!!

  12. Best article on Kung Fu Panda Inspired Nail Art. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Interesting and good timing to share this art. :)