Sunday, June 5, 2016 Eid Special Video Review

Hello Readers!!!

The eternal blessing of our life is our relatives and the ones whom we love. The memories of time spent with them cherish us forever and even help us to calm down when we are upset or sad. My mother has been always a soothing factor for me. While surfing the internet for such typed information, I can across one beautiful video from The video is beautiful and descriptive yet simple ♥♥.

The video describes the pure relationship of a couple with their daughter. A caring father who always sends her gift on the occasion of Eid. As the time for Eid is near she knew that she would be getting a beautiful gift from her father. I feel the video shows how assure we can be of our loved ones. As the video progresses it shows that the time has passed by and its again the festival of Eid coming by his time her father is no more to send her the gift.

Instead of getting sad, she shows a beautiful gesture by buying a dress from even If she is in California, the perfect delivery from makes her Eid better. She dresses up in the gorgeous looking dress and as she looks in mirror she smiles and says "Eid Mubarak Dad."

A lovely story and described elegantly through this video. I would say its heart touching and near to our soul. 


  1. It's a nice website. I bought a suit from there after reading your review about it in earlier post.

    1. Glad that my review helped me in taking decision :)

  2. Thats a cool video

  3. Very emotional. Thanks for letting us know about this video :)

  4. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing, Anjali. :)

  5. Loved the post :* loved the video too :*

  6. A heartwarming video. Eid Special sweet post. Thanks for this Video.

  7. Lovely <3

  8. Such a touching video.. Making me emotional :(