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Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil (Anti- Stretch Mark Formula) Review

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If you are a first time mom, then it’s obvious that you will be having a lot of questions in mind. The most obvious question out of them is, “how to deal with stretch marks?”.Stretch marks are very common in pregnancy. The fact is that we cannot stop stretch marks, only control them up to an extent. Today I am reviewing a product which I have been using in last trimester of my pregnancy. It is Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil with Anti-Stretch Mark Formula.

Product claims: 

Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil (Anti- Stretch Mark Formula) Ingredients, Price, Packaging & Online availabilty


Oil for stretch marks

Price: Rs 595

Wt: 225 ml

How to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy

Shelf life: 24 months or 2 years

Online availability:
Aaryanyaa, E.bay, Amazon etc.

Best stretch marks oil

Skin Types: All

Directions for use: Use rhythmic movements consistently using the palm of your hand or a flattened fist, apply pressure gently to the spine, working your way up the back of the neck.

Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil (Anti- Stretch Mark Formula) Color

Packaging: This oil comes in a plastic bottle which has a brown colored flip top cap. The amount of the product left inside the bottle can be seen from the outside. Although cap is of good quality but still there are chances of spillage. So I would suggest it is better not to carry it in your bag while travelling or wrap it properly in some plastic.

My opinion about the product: Consider yourself lucky, if you never got any stretch marks during pregnancy. It becomes very difficult for me to believe, if anyone mentions that she never got any stretch marks during her pregnancy.

In the initial months of my pregnancy i.e from 3 months to 6 months, I regularly used Shea butter to keep my skin moisturized & hydrated. Till beginning of 7 month, not a single stretch mark was visible on my tummy and nobody was able to make out even if I was pregnant. But after that, I noticed few stretch marks and then  decided to try some more effective product for my stretch marks.

Thus from the beginning of third trimester, I started using Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil with Anti-Stretch Mark Formula. This oil is transparent and very runny in nature. Due to it’s thin consistency, it looks like water more than oil. As I mentioned earlier products of Aaranyaa have very decent and amazing fragrance. I absolutely love the way this oil smells.

I used it thrice in a day, so as to keep my skin completely hydrated. I also used it for managing pain in my hands &legs. This oily is completely non-sticky in nature so you need not worry about the staining of clothes post application. If you are thinking that it is bit expensive, then let me tell you that this single bottle is used by me from last three months of pregnancy. Application of this oil just requires just the very slightest amount that quickly gets absorbed in skin.

With completion of my pregnancy period, I got only few stretch marks, so I found it effective. I had read somewhere that appearance and quantity of stretch marks depends upon genes and heredity. So can’t say anything with 100% assurity that my less stretch marks are due to my genes or Aaranyaa Argan Body Massage Oil with Anti-Stretch Mark Formula. But I am pretty satisfied with the end result.

What I like about this product….

1. Keeps skin hydrated.
2. Suitable for all skin types.
3. Non-sticky in nature.
4. Doesn’t cause any irritation to skin.
5. Budget friendly.
6. Single bottle goes long way.

What I do not like about this product…..

1. Non availability in local market.
2. Packaging is not travel friendly

* Remember: Do consult your doctor before using any oil or cream on your stretch marks.


  1. Very honest review. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Nice review , the product seems good and effective , wish i would have known about this earlier .

  3. Seems like a good product. I used Palmers cocoa butter which worked well for me.
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  4. looks good, anti strech mark formula can be used for many things. great review.

    1. No doubt it can be used for many things :)

  5. I did everything but ended up with stretch marks ! Currently i am using Bio Oil to reduce them, Can this be used now ?

    1. To be honest I am not sure.. As I have only 3-5 marks, so not using any oil now..

  6. I did try so many things but at the end got so many stretch marks... it's good that you have only few marks... can I use this now...??

    1. I am not using this oil post delivery so not sure if it effective post delivery or not..

  7. Well written and definitely will consider this in future😃

  8. This sounds so good, I will suggest my bestie to try out this massage oil now in her pg period :) I hope she would like it. Very nice review :)

  9. This does seem pretty amazing. Definitely will check this out.

    1. You will need it in upcoming years sweetie pie ;)

  10. Honestly...i think Shea butter helped. Being mom for the first time..i shall try this product.well written article. Thanks a lot and many congratulations on your bundle of joy.

    1. Thanks dear & best wishes for your bundle of joy :)

  11. Seems to be a nice product.. Well reviewed..

  12. seems great would be even better if it was easily available :)

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    1. Do not forget to share your experience with us :)