Friday, August 19, 2016

Ethicare Remedies UV Med Sunscreen Gel Review (SPF 50)

Hello Lovelies!!!

Few days back I reviewed summer kit by Ethicare Remedies (click Here to read). In that I promised to review each product individually. So here I am, with the review of UV Med Sunscreen Gel.

Product claims: UVmed provides 50 times more protection from sunburn, as it has been produced by special ingredients and unique formula. UVmed protect the skin form UVA I, UVA II and UVB. -Uvmed has oil free formula so it is ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Regular use of UVmed helps in preventing any type of skin damage done by UV rays. -It also prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing. UVmed is useful for both indoor and outdoor and it can be used in any season. -It does not contain any colorant or perfume that may cause allergic effects.


Price: Rs 310

Wt: 50 ml

Online availability:

Shelf life:
24 months or 2 years

Packaging: The sunscreen comes in a bright yellow colored tube with a flip cap which shuts with the “Tik” sound. The cap is tight enough to prevent leakage so you can easily carry this tube in your bag. The tube comes inside a cardboard box which is see through from the front. All the required details are provided on the cardboard box as well as on tube. Overall packaging is very pretty & instantly grabs your attention.

My opinion about the product: Sunscreen is a must have product is every girl’s vanity especially if you have to step out daily. My initial thought about this lotion was that it will be in gel form but I was wrong, it is a beige colored cream with medium thick texture. It has mild fragrance but it fades away within seconds of application so nothing bothersome. 

This sunscreen easily gets absorbed into the skin and does not leave behind any cast. I have oily skin and most of the Sun screens make my face sweat like hell, post application. But I do not face the same problem with this lotion. I usually apply this lotion 30 minutes prior stepping outside. It doesn’t leave any oily or greasy effect post application which is of course a boon for people like me with oily skin. It also provides moisture to the skin so it is also going suit people with dry skin. So overall it is suitable for all skin types.

To sum it up, it’s a very nice option, as you are getting a sunscreen with SPF-50 only for Rs. 310. The only doubt in mind is why brand has used term “gel” in the name of the product.

What I like about this product….

1. Has SPF-40.
2. Pretty effective against Sun rays.
3. Does not leave a white cast, oily or greasy effect on the skin.
4. Easily gets absorbed into the skin.
5. Suitable for all skin types.
6. Doesn’t break me out.

What I do not like about this product….

1. Non availability in the local market.
2. Not fragrance free (as it claims to be).
3. Can’t call it gel.

ZZM Rating: ♥♥ 3.8 /5 ♥♥

* PR sample but honest review.


  1. Nice review. Liked it.

  2. Nice review , the product seems good , i like it as my skin type is oily and hope this would suit my skin :-)

  3. Loved the review. SPF 40 is good :)

  4. Great Review, Anji :) I doubt it would suit my sweaty skin !

  5. This sunscreen sounds really great, nice review Anjali :)
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  6. The formula looks like lotus sunscreen!

  7. By reading your review I really want this sunscreen but I'm unsure if it will make my skin oil free.

  8. A great review dear. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds like a good sunscreen. Nice review.

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