Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Half Up Side French Braid Tutorial

Hello Pretties!!!

It's being a long that I haven't done any hair style tutorial. I am a new mom so you guys can easily understand that how difficult it would be for me do any hair style. Sometimes I even don't get time to comb my hair so forget about any hair style. he he.. But today I finally managed to do a half up side French braid and sharing it's tutorial with you. (To learn fish tail braid please click Here)

You will need:

1. A hair brush
2. One clear elastic or rubber band
3. Few hair pins


Step 1: Detangle you hair with the help of hair brush. It will make whole process very easy.

Step 2: Start the hairstyle with a side part and on the heavy side of the part take a part of hair.

Step 3: Then split it into 3 smaller parts.

Step 4: Now over the middle cross the back piece and then over the middle cross the front piece.

Step 5: And then over the middle cross the back piece and then bring in a small part of hair just below where the braid begin.

Step 6: Next over the middle cross the front piece and then bring in another small part just right below the beginning of the braid.

Step 7: Now until the braid reaches the top of the left ear just repeat the steps 4 and then 5.

Step 8: Now with the help of hair pin secure your braid. I have black color hair so I have used black colored hair pin.

Step 9: Now with the rest of your hair you can do a pony tail or bun or a simple braid.

These days I am loving this hair style and hope you will also like it. ♥♥


  1. Love this braid tutorial. Will try this soon.

  2. Nice tutorial , will try on others hair , not mine as its easier to do on others than yours :-)

  3. You looking so pretty yaar. Your braid looking so clean, I always end up with horrible one ;)

    1. Thanks dear.. It's matter of practice, after few attempts you will also be able to do so ;)

  4. Wow I loved your hairstyle and would definitely try it 😍 thanks for sharing dear